A Fantastic Garden Design Made Better

The challenge

This was an unusual request as our client already had a strikingly designed garden.

The owner of this large detached property called The Paddocks, in Queniborough, Leicestershire, wanted us to add shape and colour to his garden and create the feeling of more space.

One obvious way to do this was to replace the existing paving. Although the present paving slabs weren’t in bad condition, they were dark and uniformly square, adding nothing to the appeal of the garden.

The concept

To add light, we replaced the stones with Marshalls natural sandstone paving in a range of soft sand shades. By using different sized stones, we were able to style a contemporary pattern that we extended beyond the patio and paths and into some distinctive circular designs.

As the lawn was already curved, we could set the circular paved designs into sections of the grass to enhance the overall shape of the garden. We also extended the new lighter paving over previously gravelled areas and around the sunken pond to accentuate its shape.

With Marshalls savannah edging blocks in a traditional colour, we were able to define the contours of the pathway and patio areas. We could also use the edging blocks to mark out our circular design features, and form an easy maintenance mowing strip around the lawn.

By extending the paving in this way, we were able to introduce new seating areas throughout the garden. We also cut some tiny beds in and around the circular paving designs to give plenty of visual interest, turning one of them into a small herb garden.

In order to brighten up the landscape even further, we took away the dark timber trelliswork that was attached to the house. Replacing it with lighter wooden beams refreshed the look of the property. We then sunk the trellis posts into a freshly cut planting space inset into one of our distinctive circular features. Colourful climbers such as jasmine or rose can now be grown close to the home and trailed over the trellis work.

To make this garden fully functional, we constructed low level trellis panels to screen off a utility area in the corner of the garden. The addition of an Aco channel drainage system around the paving ensured that rain water can drain away and won’t form puddles.

The conclusion
This was an interesting transformation as the garden was already full of charm before we started. However, we were able to fulfil our client’s request to make it lighter, brighter with a feeling of spaciousness. He was very happy with the results.

The improvements we made were both practical and stylish. The new paving lifted the colour scheme of the garden. It enabled us to incorporate extra seating areas in different locations as well as include new beds in which to grow a variety of colourful plants.

Both the owner and our design team were satisfied with the enhancements we made to this attractive garden.

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