Why it’s a great time to design and build your garden in winter

design and build you garden in winterYou may be delaying your gardening plans until spring or summer, thinking that’s the right time to tackle an outdoor project.

In fact, winter is a good time to get going with any landscaping. That way you’ll have a fabulous new garden ready for spring.

Be wildlife friendly

Winter is a quiet period for wildlife. You don’t pose the risk of disturbing nesting animals and birds. This makes it an ideal time to cut back or remove hedges and trees. The only thing to look out for is small hibernating mammals such as hedgehogs nestling under bushes.

Move dormant plants

During the summer months, when plants are in full bloom, areas of your garden can be obscured from view. In winter, when plants have died back, and the leaves have fallen from the trees, you can get a clearer picture of your landscape.

Dormant plants can be moved more easily during these colder months when they’ve stopped growing. This gives them time to resettle before they come to life again in spring.

Introduce new beds

Now is the time to think about what you want to grow this year. Do you need to extend existing beds, create new ones or build raised beds?

Ideally, you want your beds and borders to be in place and prepared, ready for sowing and planting in spring. Get this done over the winter months to give soil a period to settle.

Replace paths and driveways

It’s less disruptive to replace old paving and lay a new driveway during the winter months as you’re not outdoors so much at this time of year. Why wait until summer to make these changes when that’s when you want to be outside enjoying yourself.

Tackle these projects in winter, so your house and garden look great for entertaining in spring and summer. When the sun starts to shine, you want to be able to invite guests round.

By spring, your paving will have had the opportunity to blend in – it should look more natural by then and less squeakily clean!

Build a garden room

Think about creating extra space by constructing a summerhouse, shed or workshop. You may already have the foundations of a disused garage or shed you can use.

If storage is an issue, think about the benefits of a roomy shed. Instead of kids’ bikes and scooters lying around the lawn or your DIY tools cluttering up the house, you could store them neatly in a timber shed, or purpose built outdoor room.

A summerhouse is an attractive feature and provides valuable space to store garden furniture. Even if it’s pouring, you can still sit outside in the comfort of a prettily decorated and furnished summerhouse.

Make use of those winter months to give your outdoor space a revamp. With not much going on outside, it’s the perfect time to transform your landscape to ensure you get maximum pleasure from your garden during the warmer months.

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