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Redesign your garden in winter

In winter, you can take an objective view of your garden and assess whether you’re making the most from the space available to you.

Winter is about keeping warm – whether you’re cooking up delicious dishes of hearty comfort food or snuggling up on the sofa in front of a crackling fire.

Winter is not about getting frostbite while you attempt to redesign your garden in time for spring. However, many people do exactly that as the garden lies dormant in these colder months making it the ideal time to carry out renovations.

If you’re contemplating a garden makeover this winter, why not make it easy on yourself and call in the experts?

Let us put your plan into action

If you’ve been thinking about redesigning your garden and would like some help, then give us a call. You may have an idea in mind but are not sure how to execute your plan.

Our experienced landscape garden designer can take a look at your garden or driveway and advise the best course of action. Any potential obstacles such as the removal of trees or the moving of drains can be discussed.

Why in winter?

When plants have died back, you have a blank canvass to work from. In winter, you can take an objective view of your garden and assess whether you’re making the most from the space available to you.

Are there certain corners of the garden you avoid as they have become neglected and overgrown? Would you prefer a lower maintenance outdoor space rather than constantly tackling garden chores?

By taking action in the colder months, you can avoid the work that begins once plants start to come to life again in spring.

Things to think about

Lawns can easily become one of the highest maintenance areas of the garden. There are many ways you can tackle this. First, take out the lawn and replace with another surface such as paving or gravel. This can be highly effective as it reduces maintenance and allows you to decorate with patio pots and ornaments or display a stylish water feature.

Secondly, reduce the size of the lawn and lay fresh turf to improve the appearance and minimise the need for treatments. Alternatively, you could go for the ultimate in low maintenance and incorporate an artificial lawn. Many of our clients are choosing this option as it provides colour but requires no care.

Next, look at your beds and borders. Are they becoming too time-consuming to look after? If you’re still keen to grow your own herbs or vegetables or create a colourful, textural display, raised beds could be the answer.

Raised beds are easier to maintain as you can control the soil and keep plants contained in a particular area. They also look attractive and can be built to any height – making them perfect for people with restricted mobility.

Problems with driveways, pathways and paving can become evident in winter. Poor drainage will lead to flooding and frost and snow can cause potholes and cracks to appear.

Your path or driveway is often the first thing people notice about your property. Brand new paving will give your home an immediate facelift and make it instantly more attractive to visitors.

Spring into action today

The beauty of landscaping your garden at this time of year is that it creates minimal disturbance. Why wait to do the work in the warmer months, when that’s the time you want to be enjoying yourself outdoors?

Now is the time to take the opportunity to transform your garden in time for spring. Give us a call today, and our experienced designer will happily help you turn your garden dream into a reality.

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