Two Contrasting Gardens in One

The challenge

Circular cottage garden design beforeThe owners of this pretty cottage garden situated in the village of Witherley in the Hinckley district of Leicestershire wanted us to work our magic on their unruly outdoor space.

Primarily, they needed some structure as a dense mix of plants had overtaken their garden. We needed to reclaim overgrown beds and establish some pathways throughout the plot as well as replacing old wooden structures.

 The concept

Circular cottage garden design Once we had cut back the greenery and removed some of the old brickwork and wood, we were able to get a clearer picture of the landscaping needed to transform the space.

We decided to link the patio end of the garden with the planting end using two different paths. Natural sandstone paving slabs were laid to create a circular patio feature with two new pathways leading from this central point.

The first is a sandstone path in reddish brown tones to contrast with the buff shade of the stone circular feature. This pathway has been outlined with pennant grey edging to give a clear definition to the design. The second path is made up of four large sandstone disc-shaped slabs placed informally as stepping stones.

In between the two paths, we filled sections with Breedon gravel to form a low maintenance surface. The gravel restricts weed growth and makes an attractive backdrop on which to display pots and ornaments. Another advantage of gravel is that it allows water to drain through.

Many tall mature trees were retained in the beds along one side of the garden to give height. By contrast, the opposite side running parallel to the drive is completely open with a wooden pergola-style entrance constructed over the main path leading into the garden.

In this landscape design, we were able to utilise some of the materials from the original garden. The raised herb garden was made from an earlier rockery and retained by existing cobbles.

In addition to the herb garden, we built three contoured raised beds using wooden surrounds. With fresh earth added, these became highly functional beds suitable for growing a variety of produce.

The conclusion

Circular cottage garden designThis landscape gardening design is all about contrast. One section of the garden is very low maintenance with paving and gravel surfaces. The other section is geared towards growing herbs and vegetables.

From our client’s point of view, they now have the best of both worlds. Easy to maintain and stylish, yet with the inclusion of accessible beds in which they can grow their own produce.


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