The Terrace Transformation

The challenge

Caney - before (1)The terraced garden of this suburban property presented us with a few problems. Unfortunately, the differing levels of each terrace, coupled with uneven crumbling brickwork had made areas of this garden unusable.

Our clients contacted us as they were fed-up with the impracticality of their grey-looking back garden. They asked if we could make the garden look great, with interesting features, yet also ensure it was easy to maintain.

At present, they were stuck with old damaged paving as well as far too many steps leading to different levels. As they wanted to use their garden primarily for entertaining family and friends, this was hardly ideal.

The concept

Mr & Mrs Caney Garden DesignTo start with, we needed to get rid of the old paving and brickwork and redefine each section with newer and stronger materials.

We decided to build the new retaining walls using wooden sleepers. These provide a clean, modern look, and they gave us the advantage of being able to vary the height of the walls in different places throughout the garden.

Once the garden was clearly divided into three separate sections we wanted to make sure each one was easily accessible. However, what we didn’t want to do was to bring back the unnecessary number of steps that had been a feature of the old garden.

We wanted our clients to be able to step straight out of their sliding patio doors onto a clean, flat and stylish surface. Starting with the patio adjacent to the house, we laid Marshalls natural sandstone paving in brown and buff tones. By using varying sizes and shapes of stone, we were able to create a contemporary design.

The three steps leading to the next seating area were also paved with the same brown-toned natural sandstone. We then continued the pattern of different sized stones on the next level of patio.

To the rear of the upper patio was a border containing a few mature conifers. We wanted to keep these, and again used wooden sleepers to create a low wall to surround this border. We used another sleeper to build a new raised bed to the side of this patio area.

On the third level, we laid new turf to create a fresh green lawn. We outlined the lawn with curved beds that can be used for flowers or low-maintenance conifers and shrubs.

Each separate level of this terraced garden was now even and contained by sleeper retainer walls. This meant the lawn could be easily reached by a single gentle step downwards. The whole garden was now completely accessible and practical to use.

The conclusion

afterWhat a transformation. From old and grey, to modern and colourful – it was barely recognisable as the same garden.

Our clients were delighted with the end result (and so were we). This once unusable garden now looked fantastic. And, what’s more, we know it will stay looking great as it’s so easy to maintain.

This stunning garden is now perfect for entertaining guests.

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