The Tea Room Transformation

The challenge

The Tea Rooms Garden before the transformationFor a change, our clients were the owners of a popular tea room in the pretty village of Newtown Linford in Leicestershire.

The gardens of the tea room were looking rather tired with ageing concrete slabs and gravel paths. There were a few sparse patches of grass that had obviously been heavily trampled underfoot and some slippery muddy areas.

The owners of the tea room wanted us to create a spacious and attractive outdoor seating area that would appeal to their customers. The garden not only had to look stunning, it also had to be comfortable, durable and easy to navigate.

The concept

The Tea Rooms garden design in 3DIn keeping with the village’s style, our garden design incorporated three tall rose arches linked by trellis screening leading to the front of the building. Our planting scheme included trailing roses and other scented climbers to grow up the arches and trellis work. We wanted to create a modern take on a cottage garden theme.

Of course, our first priority was to ensure visitors could easily access the tea room garden and this included digging out, levelling and general preparation for the parking spaces and block work.

Next, we were able to lay new rumble block paving on the forecourt and drive entrance between the tea room and the shop. A rumble block paved pathway now led from the service gate into the tea room garden. We divided the garden into two levels by constructing a low brick wall that doubled as a raised flowerbed.

It was essential that planting in the tea room garden beds blended in with the cottage garden feel, and we combined old fashioned lavender with more vibrant annual bedding plants. As the garden was overlooked and sheltered by tall deciduous trees, we wanted our planting scheme to harmonise with the rural, green feel of the surrounding environment.

The conclusion

The Tea Rooms After Transformation - Leicestershire Garden Design Co.I think it’s safe to say, we were all very happy with the finished garden. It really was a complete transformation of the tea room’s outdoor space. We had allowed plenty of room to comfortably accommodate the large number of tables and chairs needed whilst retaining the intimate character of the garden.

Both our clients and the project team were delighted with the finished design; however, the ultimate test for this particular garden was the reaction of the tea room’s customers. And I’m pleased to report that last time I visited the tea room, the garden was being well used. It was great to see so many people sitting outside and enjoying the pleasant surroundings as they tucked into their tea and cake!

Thank you to the Bushell family, It has been a pleasure working with you – Team LGD

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