Take holiday inspiration back home to your garden

Do you find that when you’re on holiday, you spend much more time outdoors than you do when you’re at home? Obviously, this may be because you’ve jetted off to sunnier climes, but it’s often true of people who holiday in this country.

So why do you stop enjoying the great outdoors when you’re back home? Maybe it’s because you’re not viewing your own garden in the right light. After all, what’s stopping you from turning it into somewhere just as attractive as a holiday resort?

The perfect patio

Blog-patioFirst, you need plenty of seating space. A newly paved patio will probably do more for the look of your garden than any other feature.

With an extensive array of natural sandstone paving on offer, you can choose the size, colour and pattern to make your patio truly unique to you. Before you get too carried away, have a look at the exterior of your home and existing garden environment to make sure you pick a shade that will blend in and suit your property.

You then have the pleasure of adorning it with your choice of garden furniture, which could consist of sun loungers, relaxing recliners, or bistro-style table and chairs.

Fancy a barbeque?

Blog-bbqYou could always take your patio design a step further and turn it into a complete entertainment space.

If you like having family and friends over for meals, why not include a built-in barbeque in the design. It’s easy to create a brick barbeque that can be incorporated into a low wall or surrounded by raised beds with permanent benches.

If you’re worried about the weather, a covered pagoda is a simple way to protect the barbeque and shelter your patio area.

Light up your landscape

Blog-lightingStrategic lighting makes all the difference when it comes to how long you can stay outside once the sun has set.

As well as wall lights to illuminate your patio, you could add strings of lights over the seating area when dining al fresco. These can also be used to decorate a pagoda.

Accent lights can be used to highlight particular aspects in the garden and guide the eye to focal points such as a pond or water feature. Solar post lamps are ideal for outlining pathways or walkways; they guide the way without casting a harsh beam.

While it’s important to install a powerful light near to the house and patio, softer tones should be used within the rest of the garden to give a mellow atmosphere.

Pools and water features

Blog-waterWater offers sensory pleasure, from the sight of a tranquil pool to the sound of a cascading waterfall.

A classic water feature will never date. Depending on the size of your garden, you could construct a larger pond for fish and wildlife, or in smaller spaces install a simple pebble water feature.

Two-tier pools are particularly effective as running water can circulate and fall from the higher level into a rock pool below. Alternatively, a steel blade water feature can be built into a wall or raised bed with water trickling down over pebbles.

Eye-catching plants and ornaments

Blog-treesOnce you have your new garden design in place, how you accessorise it is up to you. For those looking for maximum impact for minimal effort, a low maintenance planting scheme of shapely conifers will give colour and texture.

For those with green fingers, raised beds will allow you to indulge your passion for creating herb gardens, displays of vibrant annuals, or fruit and vegetable plots for grow-your-own enthusiasts.

If you’ve decided on a minimal planting scheme, statues, birdbaths, sundials and oversized pots can add visual interest to your design. Why not conjure up memories of your Mediterranean holiday with geranium filled terracotta pots or shapely olive trees in elegant planters?

Feeling inspired?

We hope we’ve given you some food for thought. If you’ve been wondering how you can make the most from your outdoor space, then give us a call?

Our experienced designer will be able to offer plenty of advice and inspiration on how to transform your garden into a holiday destination.

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