A Stunning and Practical New Driveway

The challenge

Our clients lived in a modern property in the village of Sileby in the Soar Valley between Leicester and Loughborough. They contacted us as they wanted to make a dramatic change to the driveway in front of their home.

The existing driveway was not an ideal place to park cars. The old paving was uneven, and sections of ageing concrete were beginning to crack. The discoloured stones were far from attractive.

However, they had to take into consideration a manhole cover, which was not exactly eye-catching, but is one of those features that cannot be covered up, for practical reasons. Our clients also wanted us to improve the drainage around their house so that large puddles could be avoided.

The concept

As part of the driveway project, we removed all existing paving, rubble, waste as well as the incumbent manhole cover.

Using new grey Tegula blocks, we designed a completely new driveway. All the blocks were laid on full mortar beds and then swept in kiln dried sand, which is ideal for brushing into the joints of block paving as it helps to prevent movement and assists with drainage.

As with any preparation of groundwork and drainage for new hard standings, we included a new Aco channel drainage system around the house. This will capture any surface water running from the paved area and stop puddles from forming.

To improve the appearance of the manhole we installed a new heavy-duty manhole cover. This cover was a better fit with the look of the new driveway and is also extremely durable.

At the end of the project, we removed materials and cleared away the waste to leave an immaculate driveway that was immediately ready to use.

Although there is now an expanse of paving, this can be decorated with patio pots, troughs, garden ornaments or even a water feature to break up the space. The Tegula blocks provide an ideal coloured base for any type of decorative feature.

The conclusion

Our clients were extremely happy with their new driveway as the design complemented the exterior of their home. We had specifically chosen paving that would match the brickwork of the house and the wall enclosing the front of the property.

First impressions count, and that’s why a driveway is so important, especially if you want to add kerb appeal to your home. A new drive can make a world of difference to the appearance of a property and is particularly important if you’re thinking of selling your home. A high-quality driveway not only adds to the appeal of a house, it also bumps up its value.

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