A Simple Family Garden

The challenge

Classic-garden-design-before-02Our clients owned a detached property in Stoney Stanton, Leicester and wanted to make their small garden look larger.

At present, the garden was rather bare with a long stretch of lawn and a raised paved section to the rear. Some of the flowers beds were prone to becoming water-logged, and there were drainage issues to tackle. Fence panels also needed replacing as some of the wood was now weather-beaten.

The owners asked if we could sort out these issues and make their outdoor space child-friendly. It was important for them to ensure the garden was somewhere their small children could safely play.



The concept

Modern-garden-design-plan-01A pair of double doors at the rear of the property became our starting point. We wanted our clients to be able to walk out of these doors onto a spacious patio where they could play with the children or entertain friends.

Using Artisan mint linea stones, we created a long length of patio along the back of the house. We edged the stone paving with Charcoal rumble setts to give a distinct finish. From the patio, we constructed a winding pathway that led from the house to the end of the garden. Rustic rumbled setts were laid to form a pattern, and the same Charcoal blocks we’d used to edge the patio were utilised to outline the pathway.

The path also acted as a divider between the lawn and the new flower beds we’d cut along one side of the garden. We wanted to add a few curves to contrast with the formal lines of the patio. The beds followed the curve of the pathway and provided a space to retain an established bush and a favourite garden ornament.

We laid a new lawn with fresh turf so that it was instantly useable. To the rear of the garden where the shed was housed, we removed the old raised paving and replaced it with gravel. This gave us a practical base for the new shed and somewhere safe for the children to play.

Our next task was to tackle the fencing on one side of the garden. The fence panels we erected enhanced the look of the garden and provided additional security. We also looked at drainage issues as puddles had been prone to forming in certain spots. By incorporating efficient drainage channels, rainwater can drain away freely.

The conclusion

modern-garden-design01This was a simple, but highly effective design. What had been an essentially bare landscape was now full of features, but still surprisingly low maintenance and with plenty of open space.

For our clients, it gave them the safe place they needed, so their children could play happily in a protected environment. On top of that, they now had a stylish patio that could be used for entertaining family and friends.

The simplicity of this design means it won’t date, and it allows for additional features to be added as this young family grows.

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