Simple and Spacious For Summer Socialising

The Challenge

Simple and spacious for summer socialisingOur clients, based in Leicester Forest East, asked if we could come up with a plan that would make the most of their spacious garden and provide them with a comfortable setting for entertaining.

At present, their rear garden lacked patio space, and the lawn and beds were in need of attention. A complete transformation was required in order to turn this garden into a stylish but simple to maintain outdoor space.

The concept

A big part of our garden landscape design was to reduce the lawn size and increase the patio space.

Using multi Indian sandstone paving, we installed new patios, pathways and seating areas throughout the garden. We laid the paving on full mortar beds and grouted using a resin-based eco grout to prevent weeds from growing between the joints.

Pennant grey blocks were used to create a small breakfast/coffee area at the back of the garden. To complement this, we laid pennant grey edgings to form feature circles and define the contours of the patio and lawn.

To keep maintenance to a minimum, we installed an artificial lawn that will look clean and lush all year round. The lawn was dug to a depth of 100mm, and a 50mm layer of hardcore was used to level and compact the area to provide a solid foundation and offer additional drainage.

On top of this, we used a 25 to 30mm layer of grit sand, which we spread across the lawn and lined with a geotextile membrane to help prevent weeds growing up through the artificial turf. Next, we cut the artificial lawn into the shape of the block edgings and glued together to prevent movement.

We constructed low maintenance flowerbeds to run around the garden, and we lined these with a geotextile membrane with a layer of red granite chippings on top. The chippings provide a clean finish and offer additional space to place garden features such as pots and ornaments.

At the start of this project, preparation of groundwork and drainage for hard standings included the introduction of an Aco channel drainage system along the back of the house to capture any surface water running from the paved areas. A new land drain was installed under the artificial lawn to prevent flooding in this section.

The conclusion

Our clients were delighted with their stunning new garden and can’t wait to get outside this summer. With multiple seating areas, they now have the space to entertain plenty of guests in chic and contemporary surroundings.

This garden landscape design hits the brief in every way as it’s eye-catching to look at – yet it will require very little effort to maintain. The artificial turf and gravel beds allow colour to be introduced – without the effort of having to care for grass or traditional flowerbeds.

The simplicity of this design means it will stay looking just as fresh and pristine for years to come. But to make sure, we plan to pay a complimentary maintenance visit in twelve months’ time to ensure everything is just as it should be.

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