Shape and Structure Transform this Spacious Garden

The challenge

Garden before the work beganThe large garden of this period detached home in Coventry was in need of some renovation. It was a beautifully open and spacious plot of land, but lacked any real structure to its layout.

The owner was looking for a design that would bring some cohesion to the expansive garden. She also wanted some consistency in the varying ground levels that interrupted the pattern of the landscape and asked if we could incorporate a ramp when we tackled this problem.

At present, the paved area close to the house was covered with pots. Our client wanted us to create additional patios and include a summerhouse within one of the new seating areas. Privacy was also an issue, and new fencing was needed.

The concept

Circular garden designIt made sense to extend the patio nearest to the house and make an upper terrace for seating that joined with a second lower paved area. On one side of the patio, we constructed a gently sloping ramp to lead to the lower terrace and on the other side we built a wide single step.

The original retaining wall had lost a few bricks and was crumbling in places. We constructed a new retaining wall using neutral shades of different sized stones to coordinate with the multi-sized sandstone patio paving.

Whereas the original retaining wall had been straight, we decided to replace it with a curved structure to fit in with the overall circular garden design we had planned. Next, we cut two large circular feature lawns and surrounded each of the circles with edging blocks to define their shape and blend in with the sandstone paving of the walkways.

The paths encircling the grass led to a second paved area further down the garden where we positioned the summerhouse. This new sandstone patio offered a fresh dimension to the garden by giving further space to place tables and chairs. The pretty summerhouse added charm and provided our client with a practical place to sit undercover and somewhere to store outdoor furniture during the winter months.

We painted the summerhouse in a soft pale shade to match the European fencing and trellis panels we’d used around the garden. These panels provided the additional screening our client desired and offered a smart backdrop to the newly cut borders.

To make the beds easy to maintain, we used a geotextile membrane to help keep weeds at bay. Existing mature shrubs were retained with plenty of space remaining for our client to display colourful summer annuals.

The conclusion

Complete circular garden designThe owner was delighted with our new landscape design as it allowed each section of her garden to seamlessly interlink with the next. There is a natural flow to the landscape that had been lacking before.

By levelling the ground and installing a gentle slope, the garden is now easily accessible. Upkeep is also much simpler as we reduced the overall size of the lawn and made the beds low maintenance.

This effective circular garden design created a consistent pattern throughout and cleverly incorporated the new features our client desired such as the additional patios and summerhouse.

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