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Upgrade Your Current Maintenance Package To The Quarterly Option And Get £100 Off!

The bi-annual package only maintains your garden twice in the next 12 months… do you want to double that for a discounted price?​​​

Upgrade to the quarterly package now and we'll knock off £100 - that's a maintenance visit for every season of the year for just £897.

And what will you get for that (apart from a gorgeous garden)?

The package will save you from:

• Giving up time to do the bigger, boring garden chores yourself

• Embarrassment of an untidy garden

• Bad backs

• Dirty clothes

• Rough hands

Your spring flowers will bloom, your summer lawn will be cut, your autumn leaves will be raked and winter brings the opportunity for a redesign!

This is our most popular package and on this page only, you can save £100 on it by clicking the button below.

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