Pretty Perfect Paving, Patio and Pergola

landscape design leicesterThe challenge

The owner of this modern property wanted us to smarten up the look of her garden so that it matched the pristine appearance of her home.

Our client wanted a low maintenance garden that still gave her the opportunity to grow her favourite flowers. She also wanted it to be a soothing place where she could sit and relax in peace.

The concept

garden design leicesterIn order to split the levels and create an even surface, we built raised flowerbeds as part of a low garden wall. Gently curved steps neatly blended into the wall and provided easy access between the two levels.

We now had the even surfaces we needed to create multiple seating areas. Using light coloured sandstone paving we were able to build an eye-catching patio with a circular feature pattern incorporated into its design.

To give additional privacy and security, we erected new fence panels behind the garage and at the entrance to the garden. We also hung two new gates to give secure access.

On the back wall of the garage, we constructed a trellis above a raised flowerbed. This long flowerbed could now be used to grow trailing plants such as clematis or jasmine. These pretty climbers are ideal for making outbuildings such as sheds and garages look more attractive.

Further climbing plants could be trailed up the new pergola that we erected in the corner of the garden. The pergola gives an intimate feel to this corner and a table and four chairs were placed beneath it.

The garden now had two levels of patio with raised beds dividing the sections and providing colour and charm. These different patio spaces offered plenty of space for furniture and ornaments.

To add to the appeal of the raised beds, we positioned solar post lights in them to give off a warm glow once the sun had set. The soft light from these brings atmosphere to the garden and they can be used to highlight particular plants or ornaments.

To counteract any problems with water flow, we incorporated an Aco channel drainage system along the back and side of the house. This ensures rain drains away freely and doesn’t form puddles on the paving.

The conclusion

landscape design leicesterOur client was thrilled with her comfortable new garden that gave her ample space for seating.

The raised beds ensured there were still plenty of colourful plants on show while the subtle lighting introduced a warm feel to the design. There was also room to display ornaments and planters to great effect on the pale background of the sandstone paving.

This is a subtle landscape design that ensures the flowerbeds remain easy to maintain even when plants have become fully established. The simplicity of this classic garden design means it will look neat and tidy all year round.

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