A Practical and Private Garden

The challenge

Practical and private garden designThe owner of this large semi-detached house in Kibworth, Leicestershire had two issues she wanted us to tackle.

Firstly, the client asked if we could come up with a design that would give her more privacy. Secondly, a ditch ran along the rear of the grounds, and a new retaining wall was needed to keep the garden set back from the opposite embankment.

A present, the garden was unkempt and the lawn had become ragged and overgrown. The wooden posts currently acting as a retainer wall had seen better days and many were broken.


The concept

Private garden designAs the land sloped down away from the house, we decided to construct a circular sunken seating area to the rear of the garden. We built trellis screening panels around the circle to give our client complete privacy. This now became an eye-catching feature and a cosy spot where our client could relax in peace.

Next to the house, we formed another patio using Indian natural sandstone paving. By contrast, this seating area was open and gave an unimpeded view down the garden. Our client could now step out of her house onto a stylish, multi-functional patio.

As the old grass was beyond repair, we laid new turf to give a fresh healthy look. We shaped the lawn so that it was softly curved and cut borders to the side and rear. These freshly dug beds provided plenty of space for our client to incorporate a varied planting scheme. Architectural cordylines were placed at intervals in the borders and herbs such as rosemary planted in front. This still left plenty of room to add some seasonal annuals.

We outlined the lawn and patio areas with charcoal edging blocks to give a clean finish to the design. They also make mowing easier by defining the boundaries of the lawn and keeping straggly overgrown grass at bay.

To tackle the problem of the long, deep ditch, we used sleepers to build a retaining wall. This neatly divided the garden from the ditch and kept it set back from the opposite embankment. In order to keep this area clean and free of weeds, we used 20mil of local gravel to cover the ground along this stretch. The gravel allows for water drainage and forms a low maintenance surface that’s hardwearing and stays looking good for a long time.

The conclusion

Complete garden designAnother satisfied customer – our client was delighted we’d managed to fulfil her wish to add privacy to the garden. She was also happy at the orderly design and construction of the retaining wall we’d installed. This was an immense improvement on what had been there before.

We were glad our scheme had successfully solved the tricky matter of the unsightly ditch. As well as resolving practical issues, and providing privacy, the new garden looked absolutely delightful with many pleasing features.

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