Perfect Pathways, Precision Planting

The challenge

The owners of this striking property in the village of Mowsley in South Leicestershire asked if we could give their garden a makeover to make it smarter and more modern.

At present, stepping stones were used to navigate across the lawn, and a more formal structure was needed throughout the garden. There was also a lack of features, and our clients wanted to bring more interest and character to the landscape.

The concept

Pathways and patios were essential in the design of this garden, and a precise plan was required. We also wanted to create a consistency and harmony between the paved areas and pathways.

To do this, we used Indian sandstone paving for the patio, pathways and seating areas. Gravel was laid around the stepping stone pathways and behind the garage. We also implanted timber edging strips to run alongside the new paths to separate the gravel from the flowerbeds and lawn.

To add a focal point that could be seen from all aspects of the garden, we installed a charming new water feature. And to break up the surround of the garden, sleepers and granite rock walling were constructed to add a backdrop to the seating area in the bottom section of the garden and around the base of an oak tree.

For a stunning new look lawn, we laid Elliotts medallion turf to replace the old, patchy grass. This provides a dazzlingly lush green lawn that retains its health and looks great all year round – with no dull, brown patches.

Our plant expert discussed an original planting scheme with our clients in detail as the project progressed. This involved the removal and relocation of plants as well as the addition to the garden of new plants designed to attract wildlife, bring more interest, scent and all year-round colour.

Meanwhile, tucked away behind the garage, sleeper raised beds were constructed to give our clients space to grow a variety plants. Raised beds provide a perfect planting situation as they can be filled with whatever type of soil is most suited to the plants you intend to grow.

To section off and screen certain sections of the garden, we erected pressure treated timber archways and trellis screening. These also offered dimension and height, making ideal structures for growing pretty, fragrant climbing plants such as honeysuckle, jasmine, rose and clematis.

The conclusion

This striking garden landscape design was finished to perfection with precise lines and perfectly manicured lawns.

From being rather featureless to begin with, this garden is now packed full of colour and charm. Our clients are delighted with the extra patio space and the ornate features such as the water feature and the granite backdrop.

To ensure the lawn stays looking as gloriously green as when it was first laid, we have included 18 months complimentary lawn care treatment supplied by lawn specialists in with this project. We will also pay our usual complimentary maintenance visit 12 mont

hs after completion to ensure that all is well with this spectacularly structured garden.

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