The Path to Easy Garden Maintenance


The challenge

The owners of this modern property in Loughborough wanted us to make their outdoor space more accessible as they were currently hindered by high walls, cracked paving and no paths to help them navigate around the garden.

Our design plan – with a spacious new patio, gentle curving walls, low-level steps and clear pathways – would change all that.

The concept

The ornamental centrepiece of this design is an eye-catching sphere water feature that sits on a low-level gravel bed in the back right-hand corner of the garden. Around it, there is a new lawn, flowerbed and stunning patio.

Our starting point was to dig back the earth to create a larger patio space on the lower section of the garden and relevel the higher lawn area to give our clients more usable space and a maintainable surface.

The patios, pathways and seating space were built with Indian sandstone paving laid on full mortar beds. We grouted using a resin-based eco grout to reduce weeds growing between the joints of the stones.

Traditional Tegula setts were laid to flow around the paving and define the shapes and contours of the garden design. The setts also form an easy maintenance strip around the lawn to help with mowing.

Our preparation of groundwork and drainage for hard standings included installing an Aco channel drainage system surrounding the house. This will capture surface water running off the paved areas and stop puddles forming.

As per our design plan, a wall was built to flow around the garden and provide a new top level. Meanwhile, the existing walling was lowered beneath ground level for extra strength and to act as a support to the new walls. Damp proof membrane placed between the backs of the existing and new walling will prevent water from sitting against the bricks.

The concrete foundations we installed for the walling were set to an approximate depth of 300mm to give maximum underlying strength to the brickwork. We also installed concrete foundations under the new steps to an approximate depth of 150mm for optimal strength in this section.

For the lawn, we installed topsoil and Elliotts medallion fine quality turf. This formed a lush, green lawn that will be kept in the best possible condition thanks to the complimentary 18 months of lawn care we included in the project.

The conclusion

This classic design has changed this landscape from a dull, under-functioning outdoor space into an attractive garden that can be enjoyed to the full.

Gentle steps, pathways and an even top level mean our clients can effortlessly navigate around the garden and reach the beds in the far corner. The lawn has been specially contoured so that it’s easy to maintain and the gravel beds ensure no weeding is required.

The complimentary maintenance visit our team will make to the garden twelve months after completion of the project will ensure that every aspect of our design is working according to plan and that are clients are still 100% satisfied with the results.

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