Mobility Friendly and Low Maintenance

The challenge

Mrs Hefford - Before (2)Our client wanted us to transform the garden of her bungalow, situated in the pretty village of Thurnby in Leicester.

At present, the garden wasn’t easy to get around and was fairly uninteresting, primarily made up of lawn and gravel borders. As our client had mobility problems, it was essential to make the new garden as accessible as possible. Uneven paving and inadequate pathways were a problem that needed to be remedied urgently.

The concept

Mrs Hefford finished designForemost in our designer’s mind was to ensure that each part of the garden was linked by user-friendly paths. Currently, there was a spot in the corner of the garden that wasn’t easy to get so had been neglected and was currently unusable. We planned to turn this into an additional seating area.

First, we built a new curvy pathway to link the patio by the side of the house to the shed at the end of the garden. We used existing stepping stones across the lawn to offer a route to the new seating area situated around the corner from the summerhouse.

Using Marshalls natural sandstone paving in brown tones, we laid a new patio so our client could step straight from her house onto an even surface. In the same brown tones, we created a winding footpath from the patio to the potting shed. Marshalls Tegula edging setts along the pathway and around the patio provided a neat finish to the pattern of the paving.

For the new seating area, we decided on a circular design to liven things up a bit. In the same shades of natural brown sandstone, we used multi-sized paving to fashion an eye-catching circle. To surround the circle, we constructed a raised flower bed from wooden sleepers and set it neatly into the corner of the seating area.

Our client still wanted to be able to grow plants in her garden and raised beds are ideal for people with mobility issues. The height of the beds takes away the need for stretching down, making them perfect for gardening without the effort.

While retaining a couple of small ground level flower beds, we spread Moonstone gravel along the edges of the lawn and pathways to form low maintenance strips. These were then used to display ornaments, potted plants, a bird bath and bird feeders.

The conclusion

Mrs Hefford - After (1)One of the reasons our client wanted to undertake this project was to create a new garden in memory of her late husband, George, hence the rock engraved with George’s Garden.

She was delighted with the results of our labours. The garden still contains many familiar features and ornaments. However, it’s now simple to navigate and undemanding in terms of maintenance.

Our client can relax and watch the birds from the new seating area with its raised bed, or sit and reflect on the garden from the patio by the house. Plus, there’s still plenty of space for her to be able to grow favourite flowers and plants.

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