Low Maintenance and Amazing

The challenge

Mrs Anstey - Before (5)Our client was retired and wanted a low maintenance garden that was easy to get around. She also asked if we could make it look amazing!

Gazing out of the window as she drank her morning coffee, our client wanted to see a garden that was both interesting and attractive.

At present, the patio doors of the client’s detached bungalow led out to a row of dull grey paving slabs. A rectangle of lawn was edged with borders containing some low-growing conifers. There were no real features to the garden, making it a rather uninspiring sight.

The concept

Mrs Anstey garden design 2First, we needed to make this garden easily accessible. When our designer came up with the idea of multiple winding pathways, they soon became the focal point of the plan.

The curling paths would in turn make the contours of the new lawn curved rather than straight. When we laid brand new turf in a 45 degree striped finish, the lush green lawn looked fantastic.

What we also wanted to do was to incorporate some colour into the stonework and move away from traditional square slate grey paving slabs. Instead, we used different sized natural sandstone paving in reddish tones to create an irregular patterned patio area.

For the winding pathways, we used a cobble-type paving with a rumbled finish to give a softer feel. The rustic and grey tones of the path stones provided a subtle contrast with the patio area. Charcoal grey stones gave a defined edge to the pathways and a clean border to the lawn that makes for easier mowing.

In one corner of the garden, we created another small seating area using the same reddish stones in an irregular pattern that we’d used for the patio. We built a raised sleeper flowerbed in the right angle of this corner to surround the seating area and add further visual interest. The height of the raised bed also made it simple to reach down to maintain.

The winding pathways provided easy access to all of the flowerbeds so they can be maintained without too much effort. We decided to use weed suppressing membrane and border bark in all of the beds. These materials help to keep weeds at bay and retain moisture in the soil, reducing maintenance requirements even further.

The low-growing conifers in the borders were retained as they added colour and required no pruning or other care. Rather than cut any more beds, we decided to create low maintenance gravel areas. These made an excellent base for displaying existing pots, garden statues and a bird bath.

The conclusion

Mrs Anstey - After (7)The result was a satisfied client who loves to look out on her exciting yet easy to maintain garden.

Our client also opted to take out our annual maintenance plan to keep the paving, lawns and block work looking pristine. With the high quality materials used in its construction; this is one garden that’s going to stay looking amazing for many years to come.

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