Looking for Spooky Ideas this Halloween?

Look no further, here are the only resources you’ll ever need.

Halloween is fast approaching and there are lots of crafty things you can do to your home and garden to get into the trick-or-treat spirit. Here at LGDCo we have selected a few simple but spook-inspiring decoration ideas you can try yourself.


  • A spooky welcome: Fill your trees and front porch with fying ghosts, made inexpensively from balloons, gauze fabric & marker pens
  • The ravens’ den: Use tree branches to make a small display either side of your front doorway. Add your plastic (or home made) raven for effect
  • Transform your garden into a giant spider web: Take a ball of string and start weaving in and out of objects in your garden. Finish by tying the string to a nearby tree or bench, and add some plastic spiders for effect!


  • Decorate your re place with cobwebs, fake insects & carved pumpkins
  • Put on a spooky spread of sweets and cakes, displayed in a skeleton
  • Draw spooky faces with a marker pen on glass jar candles and display in front windows

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