A Stunning Courtyard Garden Transformation

The challenge

Lewin Before TransformationThis large courtyard garden in Wanlip, Leicestershire was in need of a complete renovation. The owners complained it could take them a day just to remove all the weeds from the flagstones!

What our clients were looking for was a design that would open up the courtyard to give them a spacious and comfortable area to entertain. They also wanted to give their dogs a safe and roomy environment to roam around in.

The concept

Lewin 3D Garden Design First, we laid limestone paving, flowing out into the garden to give a new patio space that matched the inside paving. A circular feature was cut into the middle section to break up the pattern and add interest to the design.

We bordered the paving with rumbled setts to highlight certain areas and give a defined finish. The paving was then grouted using an eco fill grouting compound to reduce the problem of weeds growing between the joints. All the paving was laid onto full mortar beds to give strength and help prevent future movement.

Next, we created a new raised seating area using reclaimed bricks to match the surrounding walls. All the walling was supported with concrete footings and lined with a damp proof membrane to prevent water sitting along the back of the brickwork.

Lewin Garden Water FeatureA curved sleeper bed was inset into the corner between two long timber benches. As an eye-catching addition, we installed a natural rock water feature into the raised bed to bring sound and movement to the garden.

Trellis panels were erected across the back of the bed while existing plants were dug in along the back wall to give further height and screen the wall.

A new artificial lawn was laid and cut into shapes. Artificial turf offers an easy maintenance alternative to grass, and the geotextile membrane we used will help to reduce weeds. It’s also pet-friendly, especially when lined with grit stone for smells.

The existing fence panels on the curved wall by the tree were removed and the wall built up to be the same height as the pillars. New tiles were installed across the lower wall to create a bigger bed and give more space around a mature tree.

Finally, a new Aco channel drainage system was installed across the house to catch any surface water running from the new patio.

The conclusion

img_1198The owners have described their new garden as “a joy to look at, be out in, experience and maintain.” We’ve certainly tried to emulate the high standards set by the stunning design of the interior of the house.

What particularly impressed our clients was the quality and craftsmanship involved in our garden landscape. It also impressed our long-time suppliers, Marshalls, who have asked to use this garden in their catalogues.

In fact, we’re so pleased with this design we’re entering it into the Marshalls Register Awards, which celebrate the best garden and driveway projects that were designed and installed by members of Marshalls’ national Register scheme.

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