Keeping warm on those cool summer evenings

Raynor-after-(26)If you love spending time outside and don’t want to have to go indoors when the sun sets, then why not install a built-in fire pit in your garden?

When designing gardens, we track the light so that you can make the most of the sunshine when you’re outdoors. But once the sun sets and the temperature drops, it’s time to bask in the glow of a warm fire.

Choosing your fire pit

IMG_0881It’s no wonder that fire pits are increasing in popularity. So many of us treat our gardens as additional entertainment spaces, and built-in fire pits are perfect for anyone who uses their garden for socialising. Nothing finishes off the day better than the warmth and cheeriness of a real fire.

The size of your built-in fire pit will depend on the space you have available and how many guests you generally entertain. The important thing is that you have unrestricted access around the fire pit, and it’s positioned to give maximum warmth when people are seated next to it.

The materials used to construct your fire pit will need to blend in with your patio and the exterior of your home. A built-in fire pit should become a natural extension of your existing garden landscape.

An outdoor living room

IMG_0917Like a traditional fireplace, a built-in fire pit often becomes the focal point of your ‘outdoor room’. The light and heat that radiates from it attracts people’s attention and brings them together in a warm environment.

A fire pit makes the perfect centrepiece of any garden design, and its height and location will depend on the landscape you’re trying to create. A table-high fire pit is ideal for gathering around and replicates the indoor scenario of relaxing by the fire and enjoying conversation.

Table-high fire pits are very attractive and should fit into a garden design like a piece of furniture. Alternatively, a fire pit that’s sunk into the ground creates a different atmosphere. A ground-level fire pit makes a dramatic statement as all eyes are drawn towards the source of the flame.

Gas or coal fire pits

IMG_2573The type of fuel you use may depend on whether your fire pit is at ground or seating level.

Gas fire pits are extremely convenient as they offer all the excitement of flames and light combined with the ease of instant heat. For gas fire pits, all you need to do is run a gas line to it; then it’s just a case of flicking a switch when you want to turn it on. You gain instant heat and there’s no cleaning up of ashes.

A coal burning fire pit is more low key but creates a wonderful ambient glow. It generates plenty of heat and will stay warm for a very long time.

Call in the fire pit experts

IMG_7058With any fire pit, it’s important to consider health and safety issues when it comes to the build, location and materials used. Our experienced landscape gardeners will be able to advise you on the best type of fire pit for your outdoor environment.

Factors such as space, safety and convenience will determine the best situation for your fire pit. There is also a vast array of fire pit designs to choose from and our expert garden designer will be able to help you find the appropriate style and size to suit your garden and lifestyle.

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