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Read This Simple Advice On Landscape Design For Your Garden

If you’ve got a large garden (front or back) and you want it to work… be practical and have a really good balance between hard and soft landscaping. Then what you’re about to read will help you finally realise your vision for your garden.

And we keep it very simple in terms of how we deliver a finished garden for you but there’s some detail to consider before we get started.

That’s before we look at the products that are best suited for the garden you desire; the correct stone, bricks, lawn type, timbers, plant selection, lighting, security, etc.

You could always give us a call now on 0116 210 0760 if you’re ready to, because we’d love to help you understand more about your landscape.

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Where do you start?

A Beautiful Garden Design with Planting Scheme, Water Feature and Oak Pergola

A Beautiful Garden Design with Planting Scheme

First of all, you need to get a garden master plan before you move forward. This helps us focus on the two most important factors of your garden design; what you want from your garden (including the plants within it) and how you’ll use it when it’s finished.

Before you dismiss anything we’ll look at what you want (and how feasible that is) and then suggest alternatives if, and it’s a very big if, we don’t think it will work, or it will benefit you.

We’ll then need to get a real understanding of how much you’ll use the space and then work hard on the planning for both your structural hard standings and your softer features like shrubs and plants, colours, variety through the seasons, trees etc.

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Start with the end in mind

Beautiful large driveway and patio area

This Large Patio Area has been Designed to Create the Perfect Outdoor Dining Area with Built in BBQ and Water Feature.

So, we’ll start with the simple task of dividing your landscape design into three parts; for ease we just call these the hard landscaping, soft landscaping, and finishing.

For the hard landscaping you’ll need to look at practical elements of the design; where you want the seating areas to be, how big you want the patio space, sweeping curves or geometric lines, whether to take out the slope and make it level, what you want that to look like, drainage, sustainability, spatial development, safety and security of the property, and anything else that fits your garden type.

A Beautiful Classic Garden Design Based Around Curved Shapes

A Beautiful Classic Garden Design Based Around Curved Shapes

For the soft landscaping you’ll need to consider the lawn shapes and size, what grass type, which way the sun circles the garden, what shrubs and trees best fit your own mini micro climate, how often we’ll maintain the garden, how we’ll water the plants, what grows in sunlight, what grows in shade, whether growing vegetables its within the design, creating the perfect planting scheme for you and your gardens needs.

The finishing looks at the lighting, storage space and utility areas. The aspirations of your design, for example; will you have a summer house? Swimming pool? Hot tub? Sauna? Where will the water feature go, does the garden have a sheltered area or areas, how will you keep the garden warm in the evening? Fire pit? Log burner? That type of thing.

Brick Built curved Fire Pit

Brick Built Fire Pit, Perfect for Relaxing on a Cool Evening with your Family & Friends.

Then if you really want to wow your friends, family & neighbours there’s irrigation systems to maintain your grass and plants when you take a holiday, automated gates on the driveway entrance and garden access, lighting apps where you can change the light colour with your phone, stainless steel balustrades, hidden outdoor speakers to create a party atmosphere, outdoor kitchens and just lots and lots of interesting finishing touches, gadgets, and gizmos to set your garden apart and make your landscape design unique when it’s finished.

It’s really simple to get started

It’s really simple when we know what you want; the hard part is deciding what that is. That’s why we’ll need to have a consultation to work through the list with you, help you visualise what you can do with all that space and help you understand how to make the space work best for you.

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What do you want to see when you walk out into your garden?

Once you know what you want from your garden we’ll help you realise that dream. The only limitation is your imagination.

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P.S. Most homeowners think they have to know what they want before calling in a designer, which isn’t true. In fact, all you need is a passion for your garden and an open mind. We’ll ask you all the questions and the answers will design your garden. So, call us now on 0116 210 0760

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