Is it true a new garden can add nearly 20% to the value of my property?


Family gardenThe online advice site agrees with this estimate, commenting, “A well-designed garden will add around 10% to your home’s value. A landscape garden designer can help you come up with a unique design that will incorporate value-adding improvements.”

Jonathan Haward from County Homesearch went a step further and said, “A nice garden will always attract interest and could add up to 20% to a home’s value. But nobody wants to be a slave to it because of extensive maintenance.”

For most buyers, a house with a garden is more attractive than one without. However, although everyone is in agreement that buyers like plenty of outdoor space, they don’t always enjoy the maintenance it can entail.

Beware the prospective buyer who is mentally calculating the man-hours needed to tackle your garden!

Match your garden to your property

Low-maintenanceThe sort of buyer that’s likely to be attracted to your property should have some bearing on your garden design. A grass lawn and safe environment for children are popular in a family home, whereas a young professional couple are likely to be looking for low maintenance.

Retired people tend to enjoy more leisure time, and may want beds to grow flowers and vegetables. But no matter how green-fingered you are, a garden that requires a vast amount of attention is likely to be off-putting.

It’s important to think about the practicalities. The garden of a town house that contains a lawn means you need a mower and somewhere to store it. It may be simpler to have a paved garden in those circumstances.

Create a relaxing entertainment space

EntertainingYoung or old, nearly everyone is looking for a space in their garden where they can relax and socialise. A patio area that can accommodate table and chairs or a barbeque is always popular as it can act as another outside room in the summer months.

Many people incorporate lighting and patio heaters to extend the amount of time they can spend in their garden. Some have even invested in a covered terrace and heating, so they can enjoy being outdoors throughout the year.

Enhance a new build garden

LifestyleWith a new build home, you may be starting from scratch. If the garden has yet to be laid you could be faced with the prospect of paving, turfing or levelling the ground.

By creating a garden to match the style of your property, you instantly give your new home the personality it may have been lacking. An attractively designed garden will add more value than a featureless space.


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