Irresistible garden designs for Spring

Designing a garden in springAfter one of the wettest winters ever, I think we’re all looking forward to the arrival of spring. I can’t wait to get outdoors and spend time in the garden again.

Spring is an exciting time. There are so many irresistible garden designs to choose from including ones that feature built-in barbeques, quirky water features, dramatically shaped raised beds and contemporary patterned paving.

Time to grow

Spring is in the air, and the green shoots of new growth begin to appear. What would you like to see in your garden this year? Now is the time to start thinking about shaping those flower beds and borders.

Perhaps you’ve tried unsuccessfully in the past to grow fruit or vegetables. No matter how much compost you add to the soil it still doesn’t seem to create the correct conditions for growing produce. If this is your experience, it may be worth considering building raised beds.

Raised beds give you options you wouldn’t be able to consider if you were planting directly into the ground. You’re in control of the soil you put in them. Therefore, you can ensure the earth and compost you use will provide the right environment for whatever you want to grow.

Flowers, vegetables, fruit, herbs, bamboo, grasses and ferns – you can fill your raised beds with whatever takes your fancy.

Spring clean

With all this fresh new growth, make sure your garden is looking clean and bright. Remove wooden trellising if it’s starting to rot and replace damaged fencing. Old paving or concrete often lets down the appearance of a garden.

If the paving is still in good condition, a thorough clean with a power hose will do wonders for its appearance. However, if it’s seriously discoloured, covered in moss or starting to crumble it could be time to invest in new paving.

You’ll be amazed at the difference contemporary paving can make to the look of your garden. The combination of wooden sleeper raised beds against a natural sandstone patio can transform a dated garden into something eye-catching and modern.

Cover up

Although you want to imagine long hot summer days and nights, let’s face it, the rain is going to make an appearance at some point. With the uncertainty of the British weather, it’s time to think about ways you can spend time in your garden whatever Mother Nature brings.

Installing an undercover area can make a big difference to the way you use your garden. A summerhouse makes a stylish and practical feature. Ideal for sitting inside or out, it also gives you somewhere to house garden furniture.

A gazebo also makes a great feature and is versatile. You could trellis an area and have partial cover, or you could construct a gazebo to fit the space you have available. A standalone circular gazebo makes an unusual focal point for any design, and you can stylise your garden around it.

If you don’t want something as large as a summerhouse or gazebo, a small arbour with a bench can provide a comfortable place to relax. It also brings charm to any garden, and it’s a delightful discovery to find an arbour tucked away in a hidden corner.

After being stuck indoors for so long, let your imagination run wild. I hope I’ve given you some inspiration on how to spruce up your garden this spring.

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