How To Add Height To A Garden

A flat or low-level garden is a problem faced by many small or new-build gardens. Boxy, bland and boring. A quick fix to this problem is to add an extra dimension – height. However, it is more than just making something taller, it’s about adding interest above ground level. Here are some top tips on how to add height to a garden.

Increase Boundary Height

Add painted trellis along the top of a wall or fence or paint existing trellis. Sage greens and soft greys are popular choices and will subtly draw the eye up. Capitalise on this effect by only using along one boundary. While you’re up there, consider adding bunting or even fairy lights.

Use Climbing Plants

Climbing plants are a budget-friendly way to add greenery at higher levels. Choose flowering options like clematis and honeysuckles to add additional interest during the spring and summer. You can train them to grow up any structure you want including trellis, wireframes, walls or fences. Or how about up a freestanding structure:

Add Structures

As obelisks are freestanding you can place them anywhere. Likewise, you can use them for anything: for climbing plants, for feeding the birds or purely for decoration. Meanwhile, garden structures, such as arch ways and pergolas, can suggest a pathway or route through your garden. Why not grow peas up them or raspberries up them for a really
efficient use of space?


Trees don’t have to be big to add height to a garden. Upright trees such as an Italian Cypress and other cone-shaped conifers can add either classical and contemporary appeal to your garden. Also, consider upright fruit trees such as ornamental crab apples and flowering cherries for a stunning display of colour.

At Leicestershire Garden Design, we know a thing or two about design including how to add height to a garden. We make sure it’s in proportion and, above all, looks great. So give us a call today  on 0116 210 0760 to find out how we can help transform your garden.

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