Highly Sociable, Child-Friendly and Keeping a Cottage Vibe

A contemporary take on a period property garden

The challenge

The owners of this lovely period property in the village of Birstall in Leicestershire were keen for us to completely renovate their dilapidated garden.

The idea was to make it a great outdoor space for entertaining while at the same time using materials that would complement the exterior of the house.

The concept

We started by removing the existing paving and lawn and taking away all the waste materials. This allowed us to then prepare the groundwork and drainage for new hard standings.

Foundations and walling were installed to create steps and raised flowerbeds leading up to the main seating and entertainment space. Then we laid new paving to create patio, pathways and seating areas and tidied up the existing paving around the guest room area. The paving was grouted using eco fill grouting compound to prevent weeds growing through the joints of the stones.

Next, we constructed a square stone bar and barbecue for entertaining in the garden. Inside the bar, we built small shelving for extra storage and stone seating was installed in the corner by the bar with a raised flowerbed flowing around the back. The planting in this bed will add colour to the backdrop of the wall.

A pressure-treated timber structure was erected over the bar and barbecue space with a cedar shingle roof and water tight outlet for the barbecue smoke. A small circular fire pit was constructed in the centre of the patio area.

A flat lawn was formed using Elliotts medallion weed-free turf while child-friendly play bark was laid onto geotextile membrane to create a safe surface for the children’s play area. To improve the lawn and play area, we introduced aqua sump drainage chambers.

Sleeper retainers and raised beds were installed in the utility area by the pond with sleepers fixed together by 4 x 4 support posts and timber lock fixing screws for maximum support. We then rendered around the existing pond and fitted it with a stone capping to match the paving.

A new pump with a built-in filter was installed, and a natural rock waterfall will cascade into the pond and rockery stone to bring life and sound to the garden. New pressure treated trellis screening was positioned in the raised flowerbed by the steps as a backdrop to the waterfall.

Cotswold gravels on top of geotextile membrane was installed to create low maintenance flower beds by the utility area and around the existing summer house where a garage will be built in future.

Top soil and compost were introduced into new planting areas, which we then planted with a low maintenance scheme that included laurel hedging to screen from the flats that overlook the garden at the back and give extra privacy and security.

8ft high feather edge fencing was erected to fill the gap between the shed and the brick wall and to secure and tidy the area while 6ft high feather edge fencing was fitted to disguise the side of the existing shed.

Finally, electrical points and ambient lighting were installed at strategic points so the garden can be enjoyed at night time.


The conclusion

It was important to ensure our garden design fitted in with the exterior of the property but at the same time was modern in its feel. The result was a unique garden design that managed to maximise every inch of the space available.

Our clients were thrilled that they were now able to entertain in the bar and barbecue area while their children played safely in the specially designed play area.

Complimentary lawn care treatment by lawn care specialists was scheduled on completion of the garden and our complimentary maintenance visit in 12 months’ time will ensure this garden stays looking fantastic.

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