A Harmonious Blend of Front and Back Garden

The challenge

The owners of this period property in Leicester wanted us to completely renovate their neglected garden. This meant removing all of the existing paving, walling, gravel, and general rubble that had built up over the years.

In its place, our clients wanted to reduce the size of the lawn and instead have a more extensive patio and seating area. As well as the back garden, they also wanted a new driveway in a design that would harmoniously blend in with the front of their property and with the landscaping at the back.

The concept

As the patio was going to be a key feature, our designer came up with a bold circular design that placed emphasis on the different contours of the garden.

Using limestone paving, combined with Tegula bricks to highlight the circles, the patio and pathways were laid on full mortar beds and grouted using a resin-based eco grout to reduce weeds growing between the joints of the stones.

The darker shade of the Tegula bricks helped to define the design and form repeating circular patterns throughout the paved areas. The bricks also highlighted the edge of the step up to the top platform of the garden.

Marshalite walling bricks were used to create the stepped platform and provide a clean edge to the patio. Concrete foundations for the new walling and steps were installed to an approximate depth of 150mm to give maximum underlying strength.

Next, we tackled the lawn. Not only did we want to reduce its size, we also wanted to shape it so that its contours blended in with the rest of the garden. The flowing curves we cut for the lawn and flowerbeds gave a softer look to the whole garden.

For the planting scheme, we called in our plant designer. Together with our clients, we were then able to establish which plants to keep, which ones to remove, and which ones to relocate to a different site in the garden.

The next part of the project was to build a driveway using limestone paving for the pathway leading to the front doorway. We then laid traditional Tegula bricks for the front section of the driveway and resin bound gravels along the side of the house. This gave a low maintenance, soft look for the front of the house.

An integral part of any preparation of groundwork and drainage for hard standings is to include a channel drainage system. We installed this around the house to capture surface water running from the paved areas.

To finish off the front garden, we cut three small circular beds to add interest to the front of the property. A membrane was laid around the outer edges of these flowerbeds and lined with gravels to keep maintenance down.

The conclusion

This was a project of two halves as we landscaped both the garden and driveway with a design that achieved a unity and consistency between the two. Our clients were delighted with the style and craftsmanship of the finished landscape.

With a completely new front and back outdoor space, the exterior of this property has been transformed, making it look infinitely more attractive – a big asset when it comes to the value of the house should our clients ever wish to sell.

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