Grounds for a Grand Driveway

garden design leicesterThe challenge

The owners of this large detached property had extensive grounds that needed to be landscaped.

An impressive private driveway led straight from the main road to curve upwards towards the property. As the drive winds its way up towards the house, it widens out to provide considerable space for parking cars.

As well as the sizeable driveway, there was also room for lawns and beds to the front and sides of the house, which had no rear garden as it backed onto an embankment. This was a garden design that required a vast amount of landscaping and groundwork.

The concept

DesignFor the driveway, we used a pale surface, interspersed with grey setts to create a style and shade that perfectly suited the appearance of the house. To one side, we were able to incorporate carports to highlight the parking area.

On the left-hand side of the driveway, we laid new turf to produce a fresh lawn that stretched all the way to the rear of the property. We cut a smaller lawn into the right-hand side of the driveway, close to the front of the house.

Flowerbeds intersected the lawn, filled with mature trees and shrubs. In one of these, we formed a sloping rockery to display a variety of plants. The curved design of the lawn and flowerbeds helped to break up the uniformity of the driveway and provided large sections of colour and texture.

At the entrance to the property, we built two low retaining walls on either side of the driveway, to gently enclose the drive as it slopes upwards. The house backs onto an embankment of trees, so using the same brickwork, we built a long retaining wall along the whole length of the back of the property to protect the garden. We also incorporated a raised flowerbed in front of the house with the same grey bricks.

Whereas the lawn wrapped around the house on the right-hand side, we paved the area to the left. Multi-sized and toned sandstone paving formed a new wide patio. In the centre of this paving, we created a feature chessboard design using bold, square stones.

Using the same multi-sized and toned sandstone paving, we formed pathways that encircled the house and ran parallel along the length of the retaining wall at the back of the property.

To give extra security and privacy, we erected high fences around the exposed sections of the garden and fitted a new pair of gates at the entrance to the driveway. A single gate was placed at the exit to the rear of the garden.

The conclusion

Main-afterThis was a design that focussed heavily on the driveway and extensive groundwork was required.

However, our clients were extremely happy with the outcome. Not only had we created an impressive and functional entrance to their home, we ‘d also made it much more private and secure.

On top of this, there was now a patio, rockery and flowerbeds, so this unusual wrap-around space felt like a proper garden that could be enjoyed to the full.

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