The Pleasures of an Easy Maintenance Garden

The challenge

The spacious garden of this modern property in Wigston, Leicestershire was fairly plain with a basic patio leading to a stretch of lawn.

The family were tired of removing the weeds form between the slabs. The garden was split into 3 areas which separated the space.

Our clients asked if we could add some stylish features to the garden, but at the same time ensure that each aspect of the design was easy to maintain.

The concept

First, we replaced the existing patio with new sandstone paving that flowed from the back of the house to sweep around the conservatory and offer access all the way around the garden and into the utility area by the side gate.

A new circular feature was cut into the main patio to create a focal point to the design. The circle was outlined with rumbled setts to define the shape and add style. A further eye-catching focal point was the addition of a rock water feature with a circular ring around it, which we installed to give life and sound to the garden.

More rumbled setts were used to create a pathway that leads from the main patio to the seating area in the corner of the garden by the water feature. This breaks up the mass of paving and adds interest to the design.

The paving was grouted using a resin based jointing compound to reduce weeds growing up through the stones. A drainage system was also installed along the back and side of the house, and this will be piped into the existing water system to capture surface water running from the paving.

We also used block edging to define the paving shapes, seating areas, lawn and flowerbeds. New top soil was levelled across the garden in preparation for the lawn, which was then laid and cut into the edging strips.

A small flowerbed was inlaid into the edge of the circular patio to give space for sensory planting and to split the lawn from the wall to disguise the change in levels. A selection of evergreen shrubs and plants were added to existing planting to give structure and year round interest. We allowed some space along the front of the flowerbeds for personalising the garden with bulbs and bedding plants.

Next, new gravel areas were laid onto geotextile membrane to help prevent weeds growing through. We also planted twelve evergreen shrubs to provide cover and reduce maintenance in this section.

New feather edge fencing was erected across the back and along the right and left-hand side of the garden using concrete posts and gravel boards for easy maintenance and replacement of panels in the future.

The conclusion

Our clients were delighted with the simplicity of our classic design. As well as lots of sensory features to enjoy, there’s also plenty of room to sit and relax. And crucially, every aspect of this design means the garden requires very little upkeep.

With scheduled lawn weed and feed treatments and a 12-month maintenance visit, we’ll ensure this garden remains a completely hassle-free environment for our clients and stays looking fantastic all year round.

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