Garden Trends

Forecast for 2017 

All sectors have trend forecasting experts and gardens are no exception. Here we bring you some of the garden trends that have already emerged this year …



Natural dye gardens

This is the latest addition to the urban ‘grow it yourself’ movement. Use natural colourings produced by plants to dye textiles, yarn and clothes.




Natural material

Geometric style has been at the forefront of gardening designing for many years, and now an interest in natural materials has emerged. Designer Julie Blakeslee of Texas, USA, says: ‘Rather than clean and modern, clients are asking for a more old-fashioned, more DIY look in their gardens.’





House Plants

The 1970s fascination with house plants is officially back. It’s appearing daily on social media platforms and especially with bloggers. Four of the most popular house plants in the UK are Haworthia, the Swiss cheese plant, maidenhair fern and air plants.







Hyper – Localism

Hyper-localism, otherwise known as ‘locally sourced’, appears to have become a buzzword for gardens designers lately. The welfare of the environment is a big concern these days and sourcing materials locally helps to reduce carbon emissions so this is a win-win trend.





Contemporary mash-up

Picking one style and sticking solely to that is a thing of the past according to today’s garden designers. ‘Mixing old and new, a trend in interiors and architecture, is about to arrive in our gardens,’ says Richard Hartlage of Seattle. It offers a bold contrast between modern and traditional and is now seen as the ‘in’ thing.


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