Fire Pit becomes Focal Point in this Garden Design

The challenge

Before the garden needed new life

The owners of this terraced property near the centre of Leicester wanted us to transform the garden of their period property.

Their current garden consisted of old paving with curved flowerbeds around the edges, and its layout did not make the best use of the space available. There was plenty we could do to bring the garden to life. 

The concept

The design concept with lighting

First of all, we needed to remove all of the existing paving, earth, and walling from the garden. Next, we prepared the groundwork, foundations and drainage for new walling and hard standings.

Using grey multi sandstone paving we created a new patio space and seating area in a contemporary design. The grey shade of the sandstone paving contrasted harmoniously with the existing red brickwork that surrounded the walled garden.

To bring a fresh and original structure to the garden, we constructed rendered raised beds, a bar area and an open fire pit. These rendered white walls provided further contrast with the red brickwork and grey paving.

Around the fire pit, we used pressure treated timber to create built-in benches. These provided permanent outdoor seating so our clients could enjoy sitting by the fire all year round. The fire pit now became the focal point of the garden design.

Softwood pressure treated trellis screening panels were positioned at the back of the raised beds. These screens will provide support for a variety of different plants and allow very tall, architectural shrubs or climbers to form a backdrop to the seating areas.

The planting scheme we incorporated in the raised beds around the sides of the garden was designed to give maximum impact with little effort. We introduced new top soil and compost into all the beds to give the new plants a healthy growing environment – and the plants we chose are all low maintenance and will require minimal attention.

A key feature of this garden is the ambient lighting that illuminates the bar and barbeque section as well as the seating that surrounds the fire pit. This will enable our clients to carry on entertaining outside long after the sun has set.

The conclusion

A perfect area for entertaining around the fire pit

This clever garden design makes the most of all the space available and provides plenty of room for seating and socialising.

By using contrasting colours and introducing sleek edges to the raised beds, the garden has a stylish, simplistic feel to it. Strong lines and distinct edges give character to this landscape design, which still manages to blend in perfectly with its period setting.

Our clients were delighted that all the elements they had requested were incorporated so neatly into each space. Despite these additions, the garden actually feels more spacious than it did before.

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