From Old-Fashioned to Fun and Fresh

The challenge

The challengeThe garden of this pretty, detached bungalow in Oadby, Leicester was looking dated and in desperate need of a revamp. Existing paving was very dark and starting to crumble. The brickwork of a low wall was in a similar state, and wooden trellising was beginning to rot.

A large, square lawn took up most of the space in this sizeable garden. As the grass was now interspersed with moss and had become discoloured, this did nothing to enhance the appeal of these lacklustre grounds.

It was important to our clients that the whole garden should not only be completely modernised, it should also be easily accessible all round.

The concept

The Garden DesignWe decided to highlight the size of the garden by making the lawn its centrepiece. Rather than going back to the ordinary square expanse of grass that had been its previous main feature, our designer wanted to make the new lawn fun and curvaceous.

So we created curved winding paths to further accentuate the softer contours of the new garden, with the curvy lawn at their centre. One winding path leads from a large patio to a smaller seating area and the other to a potting shed and summerhouse.

For the new patio space and pathways we used Marshalls Fairstone in golden sand. These multi-sized sandstone paving stones create a wonderfully chic and contemporary pattern. A far cry from the uniform dull grey square slabs they had replaced.

An easy maintenance block paving strip was laid all the way around the lawn and flower beds. We employed the same Marshalls charcoal edging sets to define the contours of the winding paths. Charcoal raised key kerbs were used to outline the flower beds on either side of the garden and to create a circular feature around an existing tree in the centre of the lawn.

A gravel utility space was built to house our client’s array of pots and other garden ornaments. Gravel provides an ideal low maintenance foundation for displaying individual pieces such as statues, bird baths and eye-catching plants.

In this case, our client wanted a home for some of their favourite garden ornaments including a chimney, small statue and a water feature. They also had some colourful potted plants including a lovely red acer, which could now be presented to full advantage against the deep green of the newly turfed lawn.

We were also able to relocate existing plants such as a red robin to add splashes of colour to particular areas. This helped us to make sure there was visual interest in all corners of the garden.

The conclusion

After-8Our clients were thrilled with how smart their new garden looked. They could now step out of their bungalow and take a stroll around a completely accessible garden that’s full of curves and appealing features.

What was once an out of date, and rather plain, conventional garden is now light, bright, full of fun and ready to be enjoyed.

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