From Dull to Daring

The challenge

Mr & Mrs Robinson, Chilwell, Nottingham - BEFORE (2)The owners of this semi-detached, new property located on a modern development in Chilwell, Nottingham were underwhelmed by their uninspired back garden. he patio stones were dull and dark and the lawn a harsh, square shape of grass in poor condition. In fact, the garden felt tired and flat and was devoid of any interesting features at all! When the owners came to us for help, they asked if we were able to turn what they viewed as a boring landscape into a contemporary entertainment space. As well as a place to socialise, they also needed it to be child-friendly. Another request was for us to try and make the design of the garden match or compliment the interior design of the property.

The concept

The conclusion

Mr & Mrs Robinson, Chilwell, Nottingham - AFTER (4)I’m happy to report that our clients are no longer bored by their back garden. They loved the new contemporary design and were also impressed at how little effort was required to keep the garden looking fantastic throughout the year. They’re now excited by the prospect of entertaining in their stylishly designed outdoor environment.

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