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What makes your designs different?


Listening. We believe listening carefully to what you tell us makes our process of translating your consultation into a cohesive plan extremely enjoyable and exciting.

That’s why our clients rate being a good listener as one of Jeff Randall’s, our top landscape designer, best professional qualities.

With over 20 years experience in landscaping, Jeff creates designs that not only look great, they actually work. Practical gardens that are aesthetically pleasing.

Why are your landscaped gardens so special?


As designers, we come across gardens of all shapes and angles. Some can be challenging while others fit together perfectly. One thing we never see is two gardens the same.

That’s why we use a comprehensive project managed system to coordinate the build of every garden. And, of course, we’ve brought together a highly skilled team of expert landscapers.

We want your garden to be whatever you want it to be – that could be fun, attractive, multipurpose or maintenance free. A garden that’s a pleasure to own.

Where do I start?

The first thing you need to do is call us on 0116 210 0760Red-and-yellow-flower

Tell us about your garden, what you’ll use it for most, and when you’d like it be transformed and you’ll be one step closer to what you want. If you’re not sure what kind of service you’ll need from us, we’ll advise you from here. It’s really that simple.

What if I’d like a consultation with Jeff?


That’s great. Let’s arrange a suitable time for Jeff to visit you to discuss your plans. This can take anywhere between 30 – 90 minutes, depending on the scale of the design and the amount of questions you would like answering.

During this initial consultation, Jeff will listen to your ideas. He’ll then offer professional advice on how to achieve what you want, explain how the layout of your new garden will work, and what hard and soft landscaping products are most suitable for you. He’ll even advise on how we can take care of your on-going maintenance.

Click here to book your consultation with Jeff

Jeff’s advice sounds just what we need. What happens next?


That’s when it gets really interesting because Jeff will suggest a return date when he’ll be able to show you the design of your new garden. At this stage you have the chance to review the design and give your input.

The finished plan helps us to explain how your garden design will be turned into reality and shows you the level of quality that will go into transforming your garden.

Naturally, there is a fee for producing such detailed diagrams

What are the design fees for my garden?

The investment in producing detailed plans varies with each garden we build. Jeff will discuss this with you during your first consultation

Because of the level of detail that goes into each one of our designs we’re unable to work on any project with a construction value of less than £10,000.

I’m really excited to see how my garden will look in 3D3d-golf-design

We are too and we haven’t even met you yet. All of Jeff’s plans are designed using CAD software, transforming the designs into 3D images to help you envisage the final result. They go through many tweaks in order to craft the end result.

Jeff’s vast knowledge of landscaping means he puts a huge, upfront, emphasis on advance planning at the design stage. This is the ideal way to be sure your garden is exactly as you imagined it would be and helps our management team avoid delays during the transformation process.

The design is exactly what I want. When will it be built?


Together we’ll arrange for Robert Ling, our Construction Manager to visit you and go through the process of the garden transformation.

You’ll get to see a detailed project tracking program that our entire team follow throughout your garden transformation. This contains details of each element of your garden design including; start and finish dates, supplier delivery times, day to day transformation progress, contact numbers for management, and dates for quality control inspections. Viewing this document will give you a clear insight into how much preparation we have put into your garden transformation and will answers any questions you may have forgotten to ask.

Most people have told us they’re amazed by how much detail goes into planning the construction of their garden.

So I don’t really need to worry about anything?jeff-barham

That’s right. You can sit back and relax. Just enjoy watching our team in action as they create your dream garden.

What payment methods do you accept?

Payments can be made over the phone with credit or debit card, via BACs payment, or by cheque. For your client reference number and for more details, please call us on 0116 210 0760.