Eye-Catching, Original and Ideal for a Busy Lifestyle

The challenge

The garden before work began lifestyleThe owners of this modern detached property in the Melton village of Grimston needed a low maintenance garden design.

Although they enjoyed their garden, their busy lifestyle didn’t leave them with much time to take care of extensive flowerbeds and an overgrown lawn. They needed a plan that would allow them to enjoy their garden without having to invest time in its upkeep.

The concept

New garden designAs we wanted to keep beds and grass to a minimum, we knew that paving would play a significant part in the design of the garden. This made it essential to choose the right type and shade of stone.

Using Modak rose natural sandstone, we designed a new patio and entertainment space to surround the house. Grey charcoal setts created a soft edge to the curves of the rose paving and provided a pleasing contrast to the pink stones.

We decided to look at different styles of rockeries as an alternative to traditional flowerbeds. Opting for simple large boulders, we built an undemanding sloping rockery where there had once been a raised bed. In keeping with the natural, rustic feel of the rockery, we placed log stepping stones up to and in the rockery for easy access to each level.

Cotswold crème chippings were laid to form gravel pathways and separate the levels as the rockery worked its way upwards. The pale stones made a strong impression against the layers of dark bark used to cover the earth and keep weeds at bay.

At the foot of the rockery, we placed a built-in bench against the retaining wall and constructed a stone water feature next to the seat. A steady flow of water trickled from a steel blade down into a rocky pool beneath.

Using the same natural rose sandstone, we created a small seating area under the gazebo in the far corner of the garden. In the opposite corner, we arranged a paved circular feature to form another patio that could be used to accommodate additional deckchairs or a small bistro-style table and chairs.

A fresh lawn, cut into stylish curves now became the centre of the garden, surrounded by rose-coloured patios. We outlined the newly levelled grass area with an easy maintenance lawn strip to make mowing less arduous.

In any paved area, it’s crucial to take drainage into account. A simple Aco channel drainage system was installed to ensure that rainwater could flow away freely. We also took the practical step of relocating the compost store so that it was tucked away out of sight.

The conclusion

an original and ideal garden for a busy lifestyleOur clients were very happy with their contemporary garden design. Not only did it tick all the boxes when it came to easy maintenance, it was also eye-catching and original.

This was an innovative plan that worked with the existing terrain of the garden. Our resourceful design team were able to produce a landscape that looked stunning and tackled all the practical issues our clients needed us to resolve.

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