Different Levels as Design Features

The challenge

Before (3)Our clients wanted us to utilise the different levels in the garden of their large semi-detached property in Grantham, Lincolnshire.

The garden had become overgrown, and the paving slabs were now dull and dark. However, the real problem was the fact that the garden sloped from left to right, which meant taking just one step up wasn’t possible.

The challenge was to make this garden accessible, practical and eye-catching.

The concept

Causbrook back design finished 1First, we looked at the shape of the grounds. Building a low retaining wall to run across the garden gave us the outline for our upper level. We used Marshalls textured walling to construct this, giving us a sturdy enclosure to contain the lawn and borders.

With a new circular lawn now at the centre of the garden, we laid fresh green turf to ensure it looked fantastic. We then edged the lawn with an easy maintenance block strip to make mowing easier. As a finishing touch, we laid a trail of round stepping stones across the grass.

These stepping stones led to a small step up onto a new raised circular seating space. We built a low wall to contain this new patio and used charcoal edging sets to give it definition. In the corner of this seating area, we placed a two-seater bench. Now our clients could sit and look at their garden from both front and back viewpoints.

Once the upper level was in place, this gave us the outline for the plan of the seating area directly outside the patio doors. This patio was important as it would be where our clients could relax and enjoy looking across their garden.

Laying natural sandstone paving of different sizes in rippon colour, we used the same coloured stones to create a raised circular design within the patio area. Again, we outlined the feature design and the low retaining wall and steps with Marshalls charcoal edging for a clean finish.

As we knew we would need to incorporate steps into our design we decided to make them a feature. One set of steps could also be used as informal seating space within the patio to combine two functions.

The garden as a whole had been in need of rescue and repair, so we supplied and installed new overlap fencing panels and posts. As we’d removed some of the more unruly overgrown plants, the flower beds were now looking neat and tidy. We retained some healthy mature trees and evergreen shrubs in the borders and prepared the soil and made plenty of room for new plants.

The conclusion

Causbrook 2Our clients were delighted at how easily they could now stroll around their garden. They were also amazed at the change in their landscape. What had once been overgrown and cluttered was now open, clean and stylish.

For our design team, it was great to have turned what was an impractical and underused garden into a place that could be enjoyed to the full by its owners.

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