From Dark and Dangerous to Simple and Spacious

Turning a potentially hazardous garden into family-friendly place

The challenge 

The owners of this family home in Rugby needed a comprehensive landscape design to change their existing outdoor space into a family-friendly garden.

At present, the garden consisted of some large muddy patches interspersed with paving slabs and uneven steps. It needed a lot of work to transform it from a potentially hazardous garden into a safe playing area for children.

As well as giving their kids somewhere secure and fun to play, our clients also wanted the space to be able to sit outside with guests. Currently, there were no seating areas, nowhere flat enough to place table and chairs and nowhere to store garden furniture.

The concept 

Surveying the garden, we quickly realised we needed to remove the existing broken walls and cracked and ageing paving slabs. Next, we decided to take away some of the trees in the middle of the garden as they stopped the children from having an open area in which to play.

The garden was completely usable in its present state, and its multiple levels made it even more dangerous for young children. We took the decision to raise the level of the last tier of the garden to make it less hazardous.

This gave us a new shape to work with and allowed us to have three level tiers interconnected by low, gentle steps. We could also incorporate more than one patio area giving our clients plenty of space to entertain. Plus, the upper tier gave us a flat, even base on which we could construct a new shed.

We wanted the garden to have a softer feel, so we introduced curved walls, steps and a circular paved feature. In the centre of this, we laid new turf to provide an open grassy area for the children to play.

With retaining walls and raised beds in place, we could now think about creating a low maintenance planting scheme. The soft grey tones of the stones we used for the walls, beds and paving provided a perfect backdrop for colourful planting while patio pots and ornaments were used to add further interest to corners of the garden.

Our clients chose a range of low growing shrubs, vibrant flowers and shaped trees to produce eye-catching displays in the beds. Solar lamps were also positioned along the raised flowerbeds by the steps to provide gentle illumination of the access points in the garden.


The conclusion

Our clients were delighted we had fulfilled their brief of making the garden a fun and safe place to play for their kids and for providing them with more space to be able to socialise in the garden.

The materials we used were of the highest quality and our garden landscape design was simple but effective. This is a garden that looks great with minimal effort and will stay looking pristine for years to come.

For our clients, the garden has become an additional room of the house – they can happily send their children out to play on the lawn while they enjoy drinks with their guests on the stylish patio.

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