Creating Contemporary Curves And Clean Lines

The challenge

Garley The Challenge

The owners of this modern property in Isham, Kettering wanted a contemporary design for their garden that would harmonise with the exterior of their home and suit their lifestyle.

Currently, the garden was just an expanse of lawn with unused borders. Our client wanted to make the garden easier to maintain while retaining some lawn and growing areas. For our designer, the first task was to devise a design that would give this garden the structure it was currently lacking.

The concept

A key feature of this design were the two new patio areas. The first one was laid close to the house using grey multi sandstone paving. The same stones were used for the second seating area we built at the far end of the garden.

The paving was specially chosen to blend in with the colours of the existing stonework around the garden room. All the new paving was laid on full mortar beds and grouted using a resin-based grouting compound; this will set solid and prevent weeds growing through the joints of the stones.

To join the two seating areas, we used Marshalls grey Tegula setts to create pathways flowing through the garden to link all sections. We used the same setts to surround the circular fire pit we built into the patio at the rear of the garden.

The pathways also act as easy maintenance mowing strips around one side of the lawn while block edging flows around the other side of the grass to provide a low maintenance strip and give a permanent shape to the lawn. To promote healthy grass, we used top soil and then Elliott’s medallion turf to form a level and more usable lawn.

Marshalite walling was installed to create the fire pit, which we protected with fire resistant spray. Then we built a semi-circular stone seat around the fire pit. All concrete foundations for the walling, stone seating, and fire pit were laid to an approximate depth of 300mm to give maximum strength.

Using pressure treated timbers, we erected archways and trellis screening to hide an oil tank and the shed. Climbing plants were trailed over the arch and trellis to add vertical colour to the garden.

We rotovated top soil and compost into the flowerbeds to prepare for the new planting scheme. Our plant designer had devised a low maintenance planting scheme to bring year-round scent, colour and interest to the garden.

In other areas, such as around the shed, border bark was spread across membrane while Cotswold chippings were installed on a geotextile sheet surrounding the oil tank and garden building.

The conclusion

Our clients were delighted with the clean lines and fresh feel to their new garden. There’s now plenty of room to entertain guests, and the curving pathways make their outdoor space easy to navigate.

We’ll pay a complimentary maintenance visit in 12 months’ time to ensure the garden still looks pristine. Plus, 18 months of lawn care will be provided by lawn specialists to ensure the grass stays in tip-top condition.

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