Cottage Garden Character

The challenge

Cottage Garden Design BeforeThe owner of this large detached house in Cambridgeshire asked us to create a garden around a cottage theme. As the property and garden already had considerable charm, we wanted to think carefully about how our design could bring out the best of this landscape.

What was important to our client was that the whole project was built on sustainability. As a company, we use ethically and environmentally sound materials, so we were happy to work with this in mind.

The concept

As the garden already had a cottage-garden feel to it, we wanted to enhance what was already there.

To begin with, there were practical matters to address. We needed to excavate the driveway and put in a large aqua chamber to take away the excess water that was causing the driveway to flood. We installed aqua channels to run into polystorm drainage sumps and moved the drains to five metres away from the property.

Once that was taken care of, we were able to top off the driveway with a surface of 20-40mm golden gravel. We used paving setts to edge the driveway to give a clearer, more contained finish to the gravelled area.

Then we removed the old concrete block work and replaced it with Marshalls natural stone setts in random sizes to create space and light. The difference of shades between the older, darker concrete and the pale, clean new stone setts gave a wow factor to this transformation.

We then lifted and cleaned the existing Yorkstone. Retaining this original stonework helped us to keep our design in line with the characteristics of the house and garden. And once the stonework had been cleaned, reset and regrouted, it looked as good as it once had when it was originally laid.

This resulted in a wonderfully simple, yet effective makeover. By incorporating practical new concepts and making use of existing materials, our design team were able to tackle the persistent flood problems experienced by our client.

We were also able to enhance the considerable appeal of this property. The natural stonework we laid coordinated perfectly with the character of the house and the charm of its garden.

The conclusion

Cottage Garden DesignNot only was our client happy with the sustainable concept we’d created, he was also impressed by the subtlety of the design that brought out the beauty of his garden.

The exterior of this property will stay looking pristine for many years, thanks to the environmentally-friendly, high quality materials used and the simplicity of classic garden design that will never date.

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