Contemporary Village Charm

The challenge

Mr Baxter - Fenny Drayton - Before pictures (36)This property is located in the beautiful, tranquil little village of Fenny Drayton on the edge of Leicestershire bordering Warwickshire.

The owner of this large, detached house wanted a modern-look garden to complement his recent home renovations. Ideally, it needed to be low maintenance, as well as a place for entertaining. Essentially an outside room.

In the current layout, there was no real seating area or patio, and the garden was split into two levels. Along the length of the rear of the property, there were a couple of rows of discoloured paving stones. These led to a low brick wall with two uneven stone steps that took you to a slightly higher level where the summerhouse was situated.

Another small wall made of two rows of dry stones divided the summerhouse level from a square patch of tired grass. This uneven wall formed an unkempt rockery.

The concept

Finished garden designOur designer began to think about how he could incorporate seating areas in both the higher and lower levels of the garden. He came up with a stylishly curved plan that gave the design an almost art-deco feel.

Replacing the existing walls with Abbey walling in random sizes of grey stone, we took away the uneven steps and positioned two elegant circular steps in their place.

These two steps led to a raised patio. Cleverly, the pattern of grey sandstone paving changes as you walk across this patio. It starts with the strong lines of varying sizes of square and rectangular stones, and then switches to a circular design of more uniform small grey stones that surround the summerhouse.

We extended the paved area that ran alongside the rear of the property using the same mix of varying square and rectangular sandstone paving. We used Marshalls grey multi sandstone throughout, which is ethically sourced and has a fine grained surface texture.

To edge the patios and the lawn, we used Marshalls pennant grey edging stones. These create a defined finish and are great for low maintenance grass cutting as they help lawns to keep their shape. Gentle, curved lines of these small grey stones outline both the lawn and paved areas.

The contours of the lawn had now changed thanks to the addition of the new seating zones. We laid a new layer of fresh turf to create an instantly usable lush green lawn. Using timber sleepers, we created a border around a mature tree growing on the lawn that the owners wanted to keep as they used it to hang bird feeders.

The garden was already surrounded by many established trees, which provided cover and privacy. In the newly shaped borders, we added some easy to maintain shrubs that gave colour, but did not require much care.

The conclusion

Mr Baxter - Fenny Drayton - After pictures (9)Our client loves the classic, yet contemporary feel to his new outdoor space. Not only is it stylish, it’s also easy to maintain. It combines the charm a rural garden with the practicality of a modern place to entertain.

We were happy we’d created plenty of space for social activities, without losing the green, natural elements of this pretty village garden.

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