Clever Design Enhances Picturesque View

The challenge

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The owners of this garden set in a rural location in Market Bosworth, Leicestershire were lucky enough to enjoy views of neighbouring parkland.

While they were keen to retain the outlook of the garden, they wanted us to level out the ground which sloped steeply down away from the house. The incline made it difficult to use the garden for socialising, and a complete transformation was needed.

For our designer, this meant coming up with a concept that would even out the garden without losing its current aspect.

The concept

 A vital part of this project was the preparation of groundwork and drainage for hard standings. The concrete foundations for new walling and steps were installed to an approximate depth of 300mm to give maximum strength.

Next, we installed Marshalite walling to create walls for the flowerbeds and for the stepped platform we built at the back, left-hand side of the garden. For the feature, circular patio, we laid Antique Alverno paving that matched the pale tone of the walling.

The walling allowed us to raise a section of the garden while levelling out the middle to give our clients an even central space. All paving was laid on full mortar beds and grouted using a resin-based eco grout to stop weeds growing between the joints of the paving.

Traditional Tegula bricks were laid to form the main circular seating space and edge the newly paved areas to create the shape of the garden. In any situation where an expanse of paving is introduced, it’s essential to consider drainage. We included an Aco channel drainage system around the house to capture any surface water running from the paved areas.

Following discussions with our planting expert, we planted Hornbeam hedging to screen the back end of the garden. However, we shaped the back-right hand corner to ensure our clients could still enjoy amazing views across the adjacent parkland.

We also installed a timber pergola to the back, right-hand corner of the garden to frame the view across the park and to add a focal point and height to the garden. To add further height and interest with climbing plantings, we installed trellis screening on the two garage buildings to screen the brickwork.

Top soil and compost were installed in all the beds in preparation for the new planting scheme. Finally, we removed all waste materials and made sure the garden was finished off to perfection.

The conclusion

Remarkably, it took our team just 15 days to complete this transformation back in February. Needless to say, our clients were thrilled at being able to welcome in the spring days in their brand-new garden.

By carefully shaping the rear of the garden, we’ve made it possible for our clients to still enjoy the surrounding picturesque rural landscape. However, they can now relax in comfort and enjoy the view from their new patio.

They’re also able to invite friends and family to socialise without having to worry about them navigating steep slopes or uneven ground.

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