A Successful Gardening Partnership

The challenge

Classic garden design before work beganThis was an interesting project for us. The owner of this large detached property in Thringstone, Leicestershire hired an expert from RHS to design the planting scheme while we designed the hardscaping.

The garden was overgrown in places and the paving in need of replacing. We wanted to create a much more open and spacious feel in order to display the plants to full effect.


The concept



We decided to reshape and reduce the lawn to allow us to incorporate raised beds and surround them with walkways. The idea was to generate space around the planting areas so they could be easily maintained, and plants viewed from every angle.

We built raised planters at staggered levels using Abbey walling to create circular beds. Our designer wanted to repeat the circular theme, yet make every bed individual. The plan was to produce several unique environments, each one to contain a different planting display.

A water feature became a predominant ornament in one of the beds. We placed it in the centre of a two-tiered bed. Water could then trickle around the surrounding plants.

It was important for the owners to be able to navigate easily around each bed, but we didn’t want to include lots of formal pathways. Instead, we used a mixture of different sized stones running through moonstone gravel to give free-form access routes throughout the garden. This approach also allowed us to disguise a manhole cover in a straightforward way.

The informality of the gravel and paving trails helped keep the emphasis on the plants rather than on the paths. However, we did want to build a structured patio next to the house, so our clients had space to entertain and a place to relax and enjoy their garden.

Using Marshalls natural sandstone paving in multi-sizes, we created a contemporary patio with a circular design feature. We were able to extend the paving to continue to join up with the driveway. This lighter, brighter stonework opened up the garden and gave it a much roomier feel.

It wasn’t just the brickwork that transformed the colour and shape of the garden. We also erected new fencing and built an eye-catching summerhouse. The fresh timber added further texture and colour to the design.

The artificial lawn also provided a big shot of colour. The lush green turf looked great, and, of course, requires no maintenance. It’s a practical option if you want to avoid time-consuming lawn care and concentrate your efforts on growing spectacular plants.

The conclusion

Classic garden designThe owners of this wonderful garden were amazed and delighted by its transformation. It looked fantastic viewed from every angle, including from the upper windows of the house.

In this case, it was vital for our landscaping to work on many different levels. As always, we wanted to ensure our clients had a functional garden designed to suit their lifestyle. However, our design team were also keen to produce a backdrop that displayed a variety of plants to their full advantage.

I think we were all happy with the end result!


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