A Classic Garden Design Increases Property Value

A classic garden design increases property value

The challenge

Ward-beforeOur client owned a smart, detached bungalow in the pretty village of Barrow Upon Soar in northern Leicestershire.

His current garden had become neglected and was in need of modernisation. It was largely made up of paving and gravel and lacked both colour and light.

However, the garden did have the advantage of being self-contained and not overlooked by other houses. Our client wanted to be able to sit outdoors and have plenty of interesting and unusual features to see and enjoy.

The concept

Ward-designTo begin with, we removed all of the current gravel and paving so we could start afresh. After preparation of the paved areas, we did relay some of the existing paving slabs with a newly defined shaped edge.

The focal point of this garden was to be a large central flowerbed with a raised bed positioned within it to create a secondary feature. This required excavation of the earth, which was then backfilled with treated and fertilised top soil.

Once we had cut out and fitted the new circular flowerbed in the centre of the patio area, we built a small raised flowerbed within its boundaries. A mixed planting scheme of perennials and shrubs formed a colourful display in the large round bed while a garden statue highlighted the smaller raised flowerbed.

Next, we constructed a cascading waterfall in the rear left corner of the garden. This raised slate water feature allowed for the steady flow of water downward into a clear pool at its base. Coloured slate rocks surrounded by neutral toned pebbles gave the waterfall plenty of texture and visual interest.

To give height, we erected a trellis screen to the left of the waterfall. We also painted and treated the rear fencing to improve its appearance and make it weather proof.

As well as treating the existing fencing, we build a section of wall and installed a new gate. This gave our client additional security on top of the privacy the garden already provided.

Of course, our client needed somewhere relaxing to sit and enjoy these attractive new features. In the back right-hand corner of the garden, we cut and laid a stylish curved seating area to give plenty of space for table and chairs.

Now we wanted to make sure everything was accessible, so we laid a rumble sett pathway across the back of the house. To ensure the new path and patio stayed looking immaculate, we installed a drainage system to enable water to flow away from the paving and not collect on surfaces.

The conclusion

Ward-afterThere was now plenty to look at in this garden. Sitting on the patio, our client could enjoy the colourful central planting scheme with further splashes of colour provided by smaller beds. He could also watch the gentle trickle and flow of water cascading down the vibrant slate rocks into the pool below.

This charming design fitted in well with the overall appearance of the bungalow. By modernising the exterior, we added value to the property with a classic garden design that could be enjoyed by current and future owners.

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