A Complete Front Garden and Driveway Transformation

The challenge

Circular front garden design before work began The owner of this modern semi-detached house in the village of Stoney Stanton in the Blaby district of Leicestershire needed us to work on a neglected L-shaped plot of land in front of her home.

Currently, there was enough room to park one car on a gravel patch of the drive. Next to this was an area of aging grass with bare patches interspersed with a few conifer shrubs and a tree.

Our client wanted to have a smart front garden with room for some planting, as well as a proper driveway. We also had the challenge of dealing with an unsightly manhole cover that needed to be disguised.


The concept

Circular Front Garden Design We wanted to create a front garden design that was in keeping with the style of the property. As well as being functional, we needed it to look attractive and add to the appeal of the house.

First, we cleared the area and removed the existing carport and tree to open up the space. Whereas before the garden and driveway had merged messily into an undefined plot, our designer wanted to clearly show the two separate parameters of each.

For the drive, we decided on Marshalls pennant grey paving as the stones contrasted well with the red brown brickwork of the house and side wall. Using small blocks in four varying shapes, we were able to arrange a design that discreetly camouflaged the manhole cover. Alongside the paving, we installed a new Aco channel drainage system to allow the free flow of water and ensure no puddles formed on the drive.

In front of the house, we cut a new circular lawn and laid fresh turf to provide healthy, vibrantly coloured grass. We encircled the lawn with block edges to define the circle and contain the grass; so straggly overgrown boundaries are avoided.

We then installed new concrete fence supports and cut in some low maintenance flowerbeds using Lakeland blue slate chippings on a weed proof membrane. These eye-catching slate chippings not only provide an attractive contrast in colour to the surrounding greenery, they have the practical advantage of keeping weeds at bay and ensuring the beds are easy to maintain.

For the planting scheme, we used low growing shrubs in striking colours from deep red to shades of light and dark green. These shrubs were chosen for their colour, size and ease of upkeep with little need for pruning or other attention.

The conclusion

Circular Front Garden Design After Work CompletedThe owner was impressed with all our garden design ideas. She was highly delighted with the transformation of her once under-developed front garden. What was a neglected patch of grass and gravel had been transformed into a smart driveway alongside a pretty garden.

The exterior of the property was now completely changed by a design that incorporated all the features our client requested from an attractive, durable driveway to a low maintenance planting scheme.

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