A New Driveway Provides the Finishing Touch

The challenge

Circular driveway design before work beganOur clients lived in a large detached property that they’d built themselves in the village of Woodhouse Eaves in the Charnwood Forest region of Leicestershire.

Now their house was completed, all they needed was a stunning new driveway to finish off construction. The patch of land outside of their property was an awkward shape and the rough ground uneven. It mainly consisted of a patch of balding grass and an old tarmac path.

The concept

Circular Driveway DesignWe decided on a design that would provide a spacious driveway leading up to the house and allow space for a small front garden with lawn and flowerbeds.

Starting at the front door, we used natural sandstone square paving to create a separate area underneath the porch. Then we changed to smaller block paving to build the rest of the drive. These smaller stones are ideal for creating patterns, and we formed an eye-catching central circular feature between the house and the garage. The expanding circle concept makes a space look larger as it gives the illusion of rings moving outwards.

A small retaining wall was built to divide the driveway from the lawn. Using new turf, we laid a stylish contoured lawn to complement the curves of our paving scheme. The fresh grass was enhanced by cutting a small border and flower bed. Our clients could now plant a mixture of flowers and shrubs to add colour and interest to their front garden.

When you have an extensive paved area like a driveway or patio, it’s essential to think about drainage. In this case, we ran a simple Aco channel drainage system along the side of the house and garage to ensure rainwater would flow away. This is a discreet system that is barely noticeable. However, it efficiently carries out the important function of allowing water to drain away and ensures puddles don’t collect on your drive.

The conclusion

Completed circular driveway designWe were happy to be asked to put the finishing touches to our client’s personally built home. Constructing your own home is a mammoth task and a labour of love. Our team wanted to ensure their efforts to create the perfect driveway matched those of the owner’s extensive labours to build the property.

I’m very happy to say our clients were thrilled with their new drive and front garden. This was an effective design, as it took what was an odd-shaped area and turned it into something highly practical and attractive. Every inch of space has been put to good use, and the exterior now looks much larger than it did before.

This is a classic example of how bespoke design can work with whatever landscape you have and transform it into a stylish and functional environment.

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