Here’s Two Things You Should Consider When Designing A Child Friendly Garden…

…and getting the details of safety right so you can have some fun with the design
Child Friendly Gardens with swings and open spaces

When creating a family garden, there are two main points to take into consideration.
Firstly, it needs to be a safe environment where children can play without any undue hazards. Secondly, it should be fun!

If you have young children, it’s important to create a secure environment, where they can run around without fear they’ll make a bolt for the nearest road. This can be achieved by artificial means such as closeboard fencing and gates. Alternatively, dense hedging can be used to give security and privacy.

Innovative play areas can be created to house climbing frames and facilitate other children’s activities. A cushioned surface can be made using play bark or other soft materials.

Brooks Child Friendly Garden

Mr & Mrs Brooks Garden – November 2015

And let’s not forget the grown-ups. A patio where parents can relax and socialise is just as important. Textured sandstone paving can be used to give a stylish, clean look to any patio.

If you haven’t the room to create two separate areas, decking could be the solution. A decked area provides a practical surface on which children can play. It’s also looks great adorned with table, chairs, parasol, and perhaps a bottle of wine and two glasses?


We will transform your outdoor space into a safe child friendly haven that everyone will enjoy.

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