Brendon Cupkovic – Team Leader

Team LeaderHi, I’m Brendon Cupkovic, Team Leader at Leicestershire Garden Design Company.

I joined LGD when I left school at 16 and started with the company as an apprentice. I learnt on the job and was lucky enough to be guided by the firm’s founders, Barry and Jeff Randall. In fact, I was their first employee!

Over the years, Leicestershire Garden Design has grown as a business, and I have progressed through the ranks. I recently completed an NVQ in Team Leading, which was a huge achievement for me. I’m thrilled that I’m now considered one of the best team leaders in the company.

After being the first apprentice, the tables have turned, and I now act as a sort of mentor to some of the younger guys. I really enjoy helping them, and it gives me great satisfaction to see them progress.

What do I like about being a landscape gardener? Well, I love being outdoors for a start. I also get a lot of fulfilment from seeing the customer’s reaction when a job is finished and their garden is looking amazing.

I’ve worked on some memorable gardens for Leicestershire Garden Design, and I’m excited that they have entered a number of my projects into the Marshalls Landscaping Awards. It would be great to win, both for myself and the company, as it would be a reflection of the skills they’ve taught me over the years.

Brendon Cupokovic

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