Ross Elliott – Operations Manager

Hi, my name is Ross, I’m the Operations Manager at Leicestershire Garden Design. My key responsibilities in the company are supervising the design of all gardens, calculating the correct quantity of materials needed to build the gardens, putting together the garden installation costs for clients, negotiating with suppliers, organising materials for garden installations and providing the installation teams with all the information and resources it takes to build a garden.

I started working at Leicestershire Garden Design in 2013 working on site which involved the day to day installations of gardens. I then became a project manager where I would organise, supervise and sign off the installation of all projects before taking on a new role of designer. I completed CAD training which enabled us to move from hand drawn designs to 3D models of our garden designs, this accelerated the design process and also helped clients to better visualise the ideas we had for their gardens. As the company grew my role evolved into project & design manager which saw me take over the costing of the projects, overall planning of our projects as well as the designing. I develop various systems that help to keep our projects running smoothly as well being responsible for the job costing system that we use to run our projects from start to finish.

One of the most valuable aspects of working for LGD is the consistent support and motivation that all the team members receive in their goals, wether that be personal or work based. As the team at LGD is always growing, there are always new opportunities and there is always a new challenge around the corner. Life at LGD is never boring.





Ross Elliott

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