Lee Holyoake – Maintenance Officer


Hi, my names lee Holyoake, I am the Maintenance Officer at Leicestershire Garden Design. My main job responsibilities are: calling customers and scheduling them in for maintenance work, completing remedial work or maintenance, keeping vans up to date and getting them repaired, checking kit in and out and checking that kit is kept clean and not broken, assessing maintenance jobs,
building and installing gates.

I attended Hamilton community college. Before starting at Leicestershire garden design I was working on a building labouring when Barry called me offering me a position, as a Landscaper, in march 2014. Since starting at Leicestershire Garden Design I have progressed into Maintenance Officer. Working at Leicestershire Garden Design has helped me a lot, when I first started I had not passed my driving test but working here drove me to want to get my licence, with the continued support from the team also.





Lee Holyoake

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Steph Brown | Project Administrator

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