Jeff Randall – Head of Design

Jeff RandallHi, I’m Jeff Randall, Head of Design at Leicestershire Garden Design Company.

I’ve been a garden designer for about 20 years. Having worked on so many gardens over the years, I can quickly see how an existing landscape can be shaped and enhanced. I’m able to offer fresh ideas and original concepts of how to transform your outdoor space, whatever its shape or size, into the garden you’ve always dreamt of owning.

I can draw on my expertise to help you attain a garden that fully meets your needs. I’m able to look at a plot and know what will work and what won’t, and advise on solutions to any problems you may have with your landscape or environment. My garden landscape designs incorporate the practical as well as the artistic.

A garden or driveway can be anything you want it to be. It’s all about creating an outdoor space to fit in with your lifestyle and suit your sense of style. The specialist knowledge I’ve acquired enables me to translate my vision into a detailed drawing so you can picture your completed garden before work starts. Of course, it’s not what’s on paper that’s important it’s the end result that counts.

I’ve built up a reputation as one of the foremost garden designers in the UK, and it’s all down to the finished product. I ensure my detailed plans are brought to life exactly as I’d imagined. That means using high-quality materials and top craftsmen. Every member of my team must possess a good eye and pay close attention to detail as every garden needs to be completed to perfection.

I only work with the best and the members of my team must be trustworthy, reliable and highly skilled. Each project is tightly managed to ensure it’s always finished on time, every time.
I don’t just want my team to deliver an outstanding garden; I also expect them to demonstrate exceptional customer care.

After all, I have my reputation to consider.

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Jeff Randall

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